20 things you should know about our grade 3 FI at GG

Posted: May 25, 2017

In M. Austin's grade 3 class:

  1. - There's are rarely sommative assessments, mostly formative assessments.
  2. - Student's learning is a work in progress/continum over the course of the year.
  3. - 1 on 1 conferences are the main key to provide a good communication of the teacher's expectations
  4. - We are a project base learning class to develop creativaty, STEM skills, self-esteem, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.
  5. - We are a learning community where everyone knows their strenghts and challenges
  6. - We also know our peers strenghts and challenges so we can help each other and know who we can go see for help
  7. - We respect each other and our differences
  8. - By Christmas everyone talk in French all day and every day.
  9. - There is no behavior problems, everyone is self-behaved
  10. - We celebrate student's success every day (the teacher or a student will stop the class to celebrate our peer success)
  11. - After their task, students are invited to help their peers or work on projects or something in their field of interest.
  12. - Student tells their teacher they love to come to school every day.
  13. - We have class discussion every day to increase oral skills and critical thinking
  14. - Students are the center of their learning and take ownership of their learnings 
  15. - The teacher talks 10-20% of the time and students talk 80-90% of the time.
  16. - Happinest is the most important thing for the teacher
  17. - We create monthly goal that increase results in numeracy
  18. - Balanced literacy is THE THING in our class haha
  19. - Student are sink into the French culture by music, photography, painting etc.
  20. - There's rarely conflicts in our class, everyone is equal and are in a great environment to learn.