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Posted: April 18, 2017

This week there will be no take home work.  We are continuing with work on Fractions in Math and Conventions in Writing.  Students can work on their Math facts as we are focusing on this throughout the next month.  In addition, they can read each night to increase their fluency. 

Posted: March 28, 2017

Please see the note attached to your child's report card as to the times for parent teacher interviews.  If there are other more accessible times, feel free to let me know. I don't mind meeting any time after school to discuss your child's progress.  We have had a great second term and looking forward to an awesome third one! 

Posted: March 28, 2017

Congratulations to Kya from our class who will be attending the STEM fair at JMH on Saturday.  If you are in the area, drop by and see her talk about her project. 

Posted: February 25, 2017

Homework is due Monday.  On February 27th (Monday) our class will be snowshoeing, skating, and sliding on site at Gretna Green. Please dress warmly to be outside for most of the day.  Also, if you have any old white t-shirts we could use (even if they have a logo)  we would need them Wednesday.  Mrs. Newman's class and our class are doing a presentation at the school dance off competition on Wednesday and we could use the white t-shirts.  Don't go out and purchase one.....we will round up enough if someone doesn't have one:) 

Students will be looking at ideas for their upcoming science fair projects.  A note with more details will be sent home in your child's home folder. 

Have a great week!


Posted: February 14, 2017

Homework from last week is due this Friday the 17th.  New homework will be sent on Monday of next week.  We are finishing up a unit on Light and Sound in Science.  Everyone is making great progress with the new concepts in Math with division.  Students are welcome to go on live Mathletics from home to increase their facts accuracy. 

Posted: February 14, 2017

Heart Zendoodles

Posted: January 23, 2017

Posted: January 23, 2017

Stayed tuned for Mrs. Newman and Mrs. Hutchison's music video that we are working on this week.  Students have been studying families of the orchestra and focusing on percussion instruments.  Our showcase this week will be a music video project! 

Posted: January 23, 2017

This week we are continuing with work in Multiplication.  Students picked up the repeated doubling strategy quite quickly. This week we are moving to skip counting using a number line. 

Due Date: 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Posted: January 16, 2017

We are scheduled to go on the outdoor rink on Friday morning from 10:30-11:30 so if anyone wants to join us, you are more than welcome.  Students will need a helmet and skates to go on the rink.  The homework for this week is review of the 8 and 9 facts.  Also we are starting a new unit on muliplication and divison.  The focus this week is on repeated doubling.  If your child is having any difficulty just let me know.  

They have settled into a great routine after the break and are eager to learn!  Way to go Grade four!


Due Date: 

Friday, January 20, 2017


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