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School Information Notice Microsoft Office document icon September_Info_Bulletin.doc Sep 10, 2009
Cross Country Meets Schedule The following is a list of cross country meets for 2009-2010. Microsoft Office document icon Cross_Country_Meets_Schedule1.doc Sep 16, 2009
School Fundraiser Notice 2009-2010 Microsoft Office document icon Fundraising_Letter_09_11_09.doc Sep 16, 2009
Grade 5 Memo & Permission Slip for Mount Carleton Microsoft Office document icon Letter_Parents_RE_Gr_5_Trip_to_Mount_Carelton_09_21_09.doc Sep 21, 2009
Gretna Green Team Gold Soccer Schedule Gretna Green Soccer Schedule for Team Gold. Microsoft Office document icon team_gold.doc Sep 22, 2009
Gretna Green Team Green Soccer Schedule Gretna Green Soccer Schedule for Team Green. Microsoft Office document icon team_green.doc Sep 22, 2009
Gr. 5 Mount Carlton Trip Rescheduled Gr. 5 Mount Carlton Trip Rescheduled Microsoft Office document icon Memo_Parents_RE_Grade_5_Mount_Carleton_Trip_Rescheduled_09_28_09.doc Sep 28, 2009
October 2009 Newsletter Microsoft Office document icon Newsletter_October_2009.doc Newsletter Sep 30, 2009
October 2009 Calendar PDF icon October_Calendar_2009.pdf Calendar Sep 30, 2009
Gr. 5 Mount Carleton Trip Cancelled on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Due to wet conditions, the Grade 5 trip to Mount Carleton has been cancelled on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Microsoft Office document icon Memo_Gr._5_Parents_RE_Mount_Carleton_Trip_Cancellation_10_06_09.doc Oct 6, 2009
Grade 5 Bouctouche Dune Field Trip Grade 5 students are heading to the Bouctouche Dunes on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Microsoft Office document icon Letter_Parents_RE_Gr_5_Trip_to_Boutouche_Dune_10_13_09.doc Oct 14, 2009
Soccer Jamboree Schedule for this weekend's Jamboree. Microsoft Office document icon soccer_jamboree_schedule_0.doc Oct 20, 2009
Soccer Jamboree Jamboree Information Microsoft Office document icon Soccer_Jamboree_0_0.doc Oct 20, 2009
H1N1 Information Sessions Microsoft Office document icon 2009_H1N1_Presentation_planned_for_Zone_71.doc Oct 21, 2009
H1N1 Vaccine School Immunization Schedule H1N1 vaccine dates and time schedule for Gretna Green Elementary Microsoft Office document icon Memo_Parents_RE_H1N1_Immunization_Schedule_10_23_09.doc Oct 23, 2009
November 2009 Newsletter PDF icon Newsletter_November_2009.pdf Newsletter Oct 29, 2009
November 2009 Calendar PDF icon November_Calendar_2009.pdf Calendar Oct 29, 2009
Miramichi Hoops Basketball Association Small Ball Program Information for interested parents of K-2 students on the Small Ball Program. PDF icon Memo_RE_Small_Ball_Program_11_02_09.pdf Nov 2, 2009
HINI Second Dosage Cancelled Microsoft Office document icon Letter_to_schools_re_2nd_dose_Zone_7.doc Nov 16, 2009
Grade 5 Sweatshirt/Hoodie Orders for 2009-2010 Order form for the Grade 5 Sweatshirts & Hoodies PDF icon Memo_Gr._5_Parents_RE_Sweatshirt_Orders_11_17_09.pdf Nov 17, 2009


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