April 6th - Home Learning Opportunities

Posted: March 31, 2020

Hello everyone!  This is a special message from Mr Comeau regarding the upcoming home learning opportunities that will be made available to all of our learners at home.

On Monday, April 6th all schools in ASD-N will be posting online learning opportunities for their students.  Gretna Green will be posting weekly updates on our school teacher pages  that your child can choose to complete while at home. 

In the coming days, all parents and guardians will be receiving an email message from Early Education & Childhood Development that will provide further details regarding the learning opportunities that will be made available for your child.

We understand that this may not replace the face to face experience your child has become accustomed too in their learning up until now.  Patience and understanding are paramount for all of us as we move forward with this new initiative for students at Gretna Green School. 

Your support and positive comments over the past two weeks have gone a long way in supporting our teacher staff and we thank you!  We look forward to reconnecting with your child with these learning opportunities on Monday, April 6th.