Elementary Soccer Jamboree

Posted: October 9, 2018

Good luck to our school elementary soccer team who will be participating in our year end soccer jamboree on Friday, October 12th.  This will be the final series of soccer games for the season.  Mr. Comeau and Mr Ryan will be on site to supervise our school team throughout the day.  Please see details below regarding our scheduled soccer games for the day and meal choices at the provided canteen.  All students are responsible for the own transportation to and from the games.  All games will be at King St. Elementary with the exception of the final game which be held at JMH.  Mr. Comeau will walk the players to JMH for their final game.  All players will not be marked absent for this day as it is a district sponsored event.

Players are to be dropped off at King Street Elementary for their first game at 8:45am and picked up at 3:00 pm following their final game at JMH.



ASD-N Soccer Jamboree


Schedule of Games Time

Team 1

Team 2


9:00 AM

King Street 1

Gretna Green

KS #1

11:00 AM

King Street 2

Gretna Green

KS #2

1:00 PM


Gretna Green

KS #1

2:00 PM


Gretna Green

JMH #1