Travelling Between Orange & Yellow Zones

Posted: November 22, 2020

The Government of New Brunswick has moved Zone 1 into the Orange Recovery Phase, effective at midnight on November 19th. Because some ASD-N schools are located within this zone, and we know that some staff and students travel from one zone into another, we are sharing this updated information:

Everyone travelling between Orange and Yellow alert zones must self-monitor and wear a mask for 14 days and must follow directives in accordance with the Mandatory Order as if they were in the orange phase.


This applies to travelling professionals, supply teachers, school personnel, students, employees of early learning and childcare facilities and children attending early learning and childcare facilities. 

 This only applies to the individual who has travelled and does not apply to other members of the same household. It is recommended that members of the household self-monitor and get tested if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.

Further information can be found