Posted: August 25, 2023

  • There will be a staggered entry for K and 1 students. The staggered schedule for K students was mailed to parents. For grade 1, students whose last names begin with the letters A-L will start on Tuesday, September 5. They will stay home Wednesday, September 6, and return to school Thursday, September 7. Students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z will start on Wednesday, September 6. All grade one students will attend Thursday, September 7, and Friday, September 8. If your child has a hyphenated last name, they will follow the first letter of the first last name. For example, Bob Jones-Smith will begin school with the Js on Tuesday, September 5.
  • Parents may access bussing information via Bus Planner¬†Home Page - BusPlanner Web (nbed.nb.c
  • Parents are reminded of our start times: K-2 instruction begins at 9:00, with drop-off beginning at 8:40. 3-5 students start at 8:10, with drop-off beginning at 7:50.