Nov. 20-Nov.23, 2017

Posted: November 20, 2017

                                 In French this week, we will be discussing activities that we like to do with our families. Students will also talk about their favorite hobbies/pastime. Oral structures may include: Je joue ..              Je promène mon chien au parc.                  Je magasine au centre d’achats avec…      We completed our class book on " Nos animaux dometiques" ( Our Pets).  The students enjoyed writing about their pet and presenting their pet.  I made many copies of their book.  Your child will be bringing home the book next week.  Please listen to your child read their book to you.  Enjoy!  Students have been bringing home a levelled book seen during a Guided Reading session. They will read the same  book for 2 nights. I encourage rereading books to increase accuracy and fluency each time the book is read. Each Monday and Wednesday, I will send home one levelled book seen during a Guided Reading session. Happy reading!