Sept. 23-27, 2013

Posted: September 22, 2013

Happy Monday!       This week in Math we will continue to work on our numbers, up to 50.  There are several web links on my teacher page to the numbers in French. We will also learn how to take a survey using tally marks, and how do make a bar graph and picto-graph. For example, students will ask their friends: "Quelle est ta couleur préférée? "(What is your favourite colour?).  Then, they will tally the answers and colour in the bar graph.    In French literacy, we will continue to work on our first unit called "Je suis unique" (I'm unique).   Students are learning vocabulary to describe the five senses and the parts of the body.  They will also learn to express their preferences and dislikes. We continually review learned language structures, adding to the list weekly. Here are a few new oral structures for the week:Qu’est-ce que tu aimes à l’école? (À l’école, j’aime la musique).Qu’est-ce que tu aimes? (J’aime mon chien).Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes pas? (Je n’aime pas la pluie).Qu’est-ce que tu adores?  (J’adore les souliers).         We will continue to learn a few new songs/ poems around this theme. Students will also continue to read thematic books with a partner on a daily basis. Have a great week everyone!  Bonne semaine!