Dec 8-12th

Posted: January 9, 2018

Happy New Years! I was excited on Monday to hear everyone’s stories/adventures over the break. A reminder to please ensure that students continue to dress appropriately for the weather. Students have also been inquiring about skating on our rink. I will send home a notice once the weather cooperates. The school has extra helmets and skates for those who may require either :)

French - Our focus this week will be a quick write (narrative/descriptive) about student’s Christmas break. Afterwards, students will learn how to write a postcard as a conclusion to our Social Studies unit. As always, spelling test and comprehension tasks take part on Friday’s.

Math – We have moved on from multiplication to division. Throughout, we will continue to practice our facts. Mini quizzes given on Friday’s. Mathletics accounts will be updated this week. Students are encouraged to practice at home. Please notify me if you wish to have any additional works sent home to practice. Unit test end of next week.

Science - We have begun a unit on Habitats. This week students will be able to define what a habitat, ecosystem, population, and community are. We will then proceed outside later in the week to observe and note what we can see/find in the forest behind the soccer field.

Health - We will be learning more about Canada’s Food Guide. Students will learn about the different groups and what constitutes a healthy balanced meal.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. I will respond via phone call as promptly as I can. Let’s have a great week! Cheers.