November 5-9th

Posted: November 6, 2018

Welcome back to another fun filled week in 3FI Glazier. Please note that it will be a 4 day week as teachers have a Professional Learning Day on Friday. No school next Monday as well due to Remembrance Day.

French - This week’s sound will be a combination of Halloween words. Homework binders will be sent home to practice along with a new song (“C’est l’Automne”) I have also included a review of our first set of numbers (0-20) that have been well rehearsed in class. Please practice all week and return Friday. Please continue to read books nightly, and ensure that it is return daily and also colored on their reading log sheet.

We will soon be moving on to guided reading in class during our Daily 5 work. Those books will soon be the ones to be read at home. The books in question will be in a rotation of 4-5 days, so they may keep the book and rehearse, study images, review up until they read again with me “l’enseignant”

We will continue talking about eyes this week as we learn what makes us unique. We will follow up with a bar graph as a review from a previous math lesson.

Math - This week we will focus on numbers "great than", "less than", "and equal to". Throughout, we continue to practice our numbers up to 100. From there we will eventually be counting up to 500.


- Please refer to schedule for drama students.

- Thursday Mrs. Quann will be visiting for our 7th SNAP session

- Remembrance Day service on Thursday morning at 10:00 in gymnasium.

- Spelling-A-Thon test for our school fundraiser will also take place Thursday. Please be sure to collect monies from your sponsors for your test.