This Week in GG 3-4 SS April 16 - April 20

Posted: April 15, 2018

Welcome back Superstars to a five day week of school(if the weather co-operates). This is Music Festival Week! We will be going to JMH to present our Choral Reading on Tuesday at 10:45. Remember to wear black pants and to bring a ball hat!  I am very proud of you for all your hardwork. The choral reading is sounding awesome!  On Monday we will present it to Mme. Lockerbie's class and to both Kindergarten classes.

The Choir will be going to JMH to present at the Music Festival tomorrow morning leaving at 9:00.

Remember to throw an extra pair of socks in your bookbag.  The weather is getting warmer which means the playground will be getting wetter.

Language Arts - This week we will be finishing our Narrative Writing and we will be learning about when to use "oi" and "oy".

Math - We will be finishing our unit on fractions and we will have a unit test.

Science - We will be starting our Habitat Projects this week.

Music - We will be presenting our Choral Reading this week at the Music Festival!

Let's have another Superstar week!