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Posted: May 26, 2014

Alea, Sam and Alyssa report on the DEC Symposium held at the Rodd Hotel on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Posted: April 24, 2014

Junior Reporters, Keira and Keira, report on the Kindergarten Recycling Projects. Zachary does the camera work and a voiceover.

Posted: March 10, 2014

Posted: March 9, 2014

Junior Reporters for the GG Times, Emily and TJ, report on Student Appreciation Week at Gretna Green. Thank you to Mrs. Morehouse and the Student Council for organizing an awesome week!

Posted: February 28, 2014

Alea and Samantha tell us about the "Art Smart" grant that Grade 3, 4 and 5 French Immersion classes were involved with.

Posted: February 13, 2014

Cole, Ashton and Evan find out what the Monthly Awards at Gretna Green are all about.

Posted: January 27, 2014

Posted: December 12, 2013

Ashton, Evan, Cole and Jaden take a peek behind the scenes of the Morning Announcements to explore how it is done.

Posted: November 21, 2013

Ashton, Evan and Jaden investigate to find out what it means to be a buckerfiller on the playground.

Posted: November 21, 2013



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