Posted: January 10, 2018

Math 8

-Today we learnt about models for multiplying that use <<des jetons>>.  Homework is p. 113 Q7 (with jeton drawings) and Q 8 (method of choice to find the answer).

-Notes posted below.


Math 7

-Below you will find notes to review the major types of percent problems.  Students must read the question to know if they should add or subtract.  -Enrichment was given today and students were shown how to solve the question using notation like grade 8.  Some students may wish to show their work in this advanced method.

-Students did a formative assessment today and it will be passed back tomorrow.  Test Friday.

Math 6

-We continue to work at changing between mixed numbers and impropre fractions.  Today we saw how to do it without a model.

-Homework p. 168 Q 1, 2, 3, 4 and p. 169 Q 9. 

-Unfortunately, due to computer problems, I am unable to post notes from today's class.

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