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Posted: May 24, 2019

Math 6

-Provincial assessment Monday.

-Parents are to sign the review booklet that does count for the report card.  It was handed back marked today.   Students should be reviewing this to practice for the provincial Monday.  Answers posted below.

Math 7 and science 7

-Work passed back to be signed


PDF icon may_24th_grade_6_review.pdf1.61 MB

Posted: May 23, 2019

Grade 8 students please return tickets for the end of the year trip.  Also please bring in your pictures for the slide show.

Grade 6 and 7 end of the year field trip will be June 5th.


Math 6

-Study 20 minutes by practicing questions from old tests.

-Provincial assessment is Monday and Tuesday.

Math 7

-Review sheet is due tomorrow. 

-Students should be reviewing old test for 20 minutes a night.  June 4th and 6th is the district assessment.

Math 8

-no class on Thursdays

Science 8

-Test Wednesday on optics unit.  We did a review today as a class.  Students have a review packet.

Posted: May 22, 2019

Students should be reviewing at home and working on the review booklets.  Each outcome has sample questions.  Please use duotang of marked work and notes to review and study.   We will go over the booklets Friday in class.  I have asked for booklets to be turned in Thursday so that I can mark them.   Class time was given yesterday and today to work on the review booklet.  This booklet does count for the report card.


Provincial math for grade 6

May 27th and May 28th

District math for grade 7

June 4th and June 6th

District Math for grade 8

June 11th and June 12th

Posted: May 21, 2019

Math 8

-During our first class today we went over tessellations.  We looked at some examples and did question 11 from the text.

-During our second class we reviewed N1 N2.  We went over perfect squares, Pythagorean Theorem and pedmas using fractions.  We did some sample exam questions together.   Duotangs were passed back and students should be reviewing 20 minutes a night this week at home.  District assessment will be the first week of June.

Math 7

-Students were passed back their duotang of marked work.  Students are to bring this to class each day.  They should be using it to review for 20 minutes night at home in order to prepare for the district assessment the first week on June.

-A review booklet was handed out for students to complete.  Students will have tomorrow in class to work on this assessment.    It is due Thursday.   Students are asked to show their work.

Math 6

-Students were handed back their duotangs of marked work to practice for the provincial assessment.  Students should be reviewing 20 minutes a day at home all this week.  Assessment will be next week.

-A review assessment was handed out today.  It contains all grade 6 outcomes with some sample questions.   For review purposes, students may use their notes and duotang, but on the provincial they will not have access.   This review packet is due Thursday.   Students will have tomorrow’s class to continue working on the review.  This review will count for marks.

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Posted: May 16, 2019

Math 8

-no class on Thursday

Math 7

-Area test will be sent home tomorrow.

-We still need to cover Cartesian planes and transformations.

Math 6

-Homework in to finish both sides of the worksheet.

Science 7

-Test tomorrow

Posted: May 14, 2019

We are off to the Canadian National STEM fair tomorrow in Fredericton.  Please make sure your permission slips are here.  Students may want to bring a bookbag with a bagged lunch in it as we will be having a picnic on campus.  Students also need a pen to do the activities.   Electronics are allowed on the bus, but teachers are not responsible for them. 

We will be updating the facebook page when we get to Blackville tomorrow so that parents know when to be at the school to pick up their child.  We plan to leave fredericton around 1pm.


Math 8

-Students wrote the PCAP today.  No homework.

Math 7

-Students reviewed how to multiply decimals using models today.

Math 6

-Students did a formative assessment on translations, reflections and rotations.  Test will be Monday.

-Provincial assessment last week of May.


-yesterday readings were passed out on volcanoes, mountain formations and techtonics.  Test is planned for Friday.  Students will be able to use their notes during the test.  Time to make sure your notes are complete and organized!


Posted: May 9, 2019

May 10th UNB math competition and activities

May 14th PCAP for grade 8 (math, science and reading comprehension)

May 15th FI students go to Fredericton to participate in the national science fair.

May 22nd Cyberday4girls at Max Aitken.

Math 8

-no class on Thursday

Math 7

-Test tomorrow.

Math 6

-page 299 Q 3 and 6. 

Science 8

-Assembly today so we had no class.

-Test next Friday.  Study guide handed out.

Posted: May 8, 2019

Reminder to grade 8 students to bring back tickets and money.


Math 8

-We did some review activities and worked on our Mathletics.

Math 7

-Test Friday.  See correction from practice test attached below. 

Math 6

-We did review activities.


PDF icon may_8th_math_7.pdf206.87 KB

Posted: May 6, 2019

Mathletics tasks due Sunday night.

 Math 8

-We did a review sheet on fractions.  Time was given to work on Mathletics.

Math 7

-We played musical multiplication.  We reviewed as a class how to add and subtract decimals.

-Time was given to work on Mathletics tasks.

Math 6

-We played musical multiplication.

-We went over how to subtract 3 digit numbers. 

-Time was given to work on Mathletics.

Science 7

-We reviewed using our notes and the study guide.  We also went more into detail about the <<preuve>> of the theory of continental drift.   Highlighters were used to identify key words in notes.

-Crossword and word search were passed out and time was given to work in groups to find the answers.  This is not for homework.

Science 6

-We did some scientific reading. Students shared two things they learnt from the reading.   The provincial assessment will have readings on new material and we are practicing our literacy skills.

-Students were able to pick their research project topics.  They were given suggestions of questions to answer.  This project will be presented at the end of the month.  Please see notes below.  This project will count in the science and environment section of the report card for science.

Posted: May 1, 2019

Math 8

-We went over our timetable until the end of the year.  Thursday we will do our formative test.  May 12th will be our summative test for surface area.

-May 14th is the PCAP.

Math 7

-Today students did their formative test for area and circumference.

Math 6

-Today we did a review activitiy for fractions and mixed numbers.

Science 8

-We went over refraction and reflection diagrams today.

PDF icon may_1st_math_8.pdf236.73 KB


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