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Posted: October 2, 2017

All students should be reviewing their multiplication tables at home.  

Math 8:

-We started order of operations today.  Q 7 and 8 for homework.

Math 7

-Students must memorize divisibility rules.    See notes below for rules and questions that are for homework.

Math 6

-Students worked on <<nombre premier>> and <<nombre composé>>.   Q 1 is for homework.

Science 6

- Today we learnt the parts of a microscope.  Students were then able to practice focusing specimens.  We will be in the lab again next class to continue our work on microscopes.

Science 7

-Today we reviewed science diagrams.  

-We went over the different methods of separations.

-Time was given to organize notes and start studying.  We will have a test late next week.

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Posted: September 29, 2017

No homework this weekend.  :)  Rest and enjoy time with your friends and family.

Grade 7 was in the science lab today learning about simple filtrations and mixtures.  Take a look at the photo gallery to see all the fun things we are doing.  


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Posted: September 29, 2017

Grade 7 FI were in the lab today doing some simple filtrations.  ...

Posted: September 27, 2017

Math 8 and 7 no homework.

Math 6

-Review multiplication facts.

-Sign worksheet on word problems and do corrections on a separate piece of paper.

Posted: September 26, 2017

Math 8

-Test tomorrow on N7

-Two Mathletics tasks have been assigned as practice for the test.

Math 7

-Test on adding and subtracting integers.

Math 6

-Today we learnt about multiples.  Homework is to finish q 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Science 8

-Today we were in the lab learning how to focus a microscope.

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Posted: September 26, 2017

Adding integers video

Posted: September 25, 2017

Math 8

-Today we went over the answers for the formative test.  We identified that we need more practice with division questions and will work on that tomorrow within our two math classes.   Summative test that counts will be on Wednesday.

-Formative test should be signed and returned by Wednesday.

Math 7

-We corrected our review sheet.  Please see corrections posted below.

-Students did a formative assessment.  This will be passed back tomorrow.  Summative test will be Wednesday.   Students were given the option to come in for extra help at lunch on the formative test.

Math 6

-We played a game to review place value and how to say numbers in French.  I was able to visit with each group and do an oral assessment with all of the students during this time. 

-Students are to hand in their worksheet on word problems tomorrow. 

Science 7

-Today we learnt how to do science drawings.  The words should in a column neatly on the right with a line drawn with a ruler to it in the picture.  Drawings should be neat and have details and shading.

-Students practiced this skill on the pre-lab sheet.

-We are in the lab next class to do a filtration and distillation.

Science 6

-We learnt about the parts.

-Next Monday we will be in the lab using the microscopes.

Posted: September 22, 2017

Students were challenged to find the best method to separate several mixtures in class today.  Students learned that having the proper instruments and tools can be very important.

Posted: September 20, 2017

Math 8

-We reviewed the rectangle model for multiplying integers.  We also started division questions.

Math 7

-Today we went over subtraction rules using models.   Homework is to finish the worksheet.

Math 6

-Today we worked on word problems.   P.53 Q 2, 3, 4, and p. 54 Q 8.  

-Students need to work on remembering to bring all their materials to class each day.   They will no longer be able to return to their locker to retrieve forgotten items.


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