Mrs. McQuaid Murphy Notes

Science and Math


Posted: June 21, 2017

Grade 8 students are encouraged to bring their glove for the big staff against students game to be held Thursday at 1:20.

Grade 8 lunch will be a turkey diner tomorrow at 11:20 in the culinary tech room.


Today we had a presentation about technology use for our middle school students.  Tuesday, some students will be helping with the elementary activity day.  Wednesday we will be having an assembly for middle school awards.  Thursday in the grade 8 lunch and the baseball game in the afternoon. Friday will have our end of the year assembly and an early dismissal.  The year has quickly come to an end!

I asked students to fill out a feedback form for me today.  I am looking for what teaching practices I used that worked well for them and for suggestions of what to do differently next year.  These are done without student names.  Their are extra copies on the desk at the front of the class and an envelop to put them in when completed.  I truly appreciate the feedback as to what "things" have been helpful.  The feedback allows me to make better use of my time next year, but also alows me to make changes to beter help the students.   Did you use the website? Did you watch the Math tutorials on youtube and my teacher page? Do you like the Formative/practice tests? Do you like having the rubrics for test and projects on the form? Am I talking to fast in French? Was the amount of homework reasonable? Which lab activity did you like?  Were the review/warm up games in math helpful?   I will use the feedback to rework my classes and make them more meaningful for the students next year.

Students are passing in their last few assignments and corrections for me to consider when making up their final grade.   I kindly ask that they are pased in Tuesday at the latest. Most have passed in the ir work and this is for those students wanting to make some last minute corrections. Please feel free to email or send a digital copy to my email

It has been a great first year at GG and I thank you all for the warm welcome and team approach to learning this year.  Enjoy the last week of 2016-2017 school year and enjoy a restful  summer.   Bring on the sun and family fun!  :)

Posted: June 15, 2017

Today in health 8 we went over birth control.  Your child may have follow up questions for you tonight.

Yesterday we health 6 learnt about gender stereotypes.  Mr. Stewart lead a discussion and activities around maleness and femaleness.


Gare 8 leave for our field trip Friday at 8:30.  Students need to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing.  


Lots  is still happening in class.  Check out the photos.

Posted: June 8, 2017

Grade 8

-Today in Math students worked on their project "Les Dallages".  This project is due Wednesday. 

-In science the students did a science literacy activity.  This activity assesses their ability to read and draw conclusions.  It also checks for science comprehension.  Students need to have this activity completed for Monday.  It will be exchanged and corrected in class.

Grade 7

-Today we worked on coordinate geometry.  Through the game of battle ship the students practiced finding points on a cartesian plane.


Grade 6

-Yesterday, students were given notes in the form of a handout.  We discussed the role Canada has played in putting satelites into orbit.  Students were given some time to research and see pictures of work currently being done in this exciting domain of science.

-Today we watched a French documentary that highlighted the information gained from satelites.  Students were able to see infomation and pictures gathered by satelights.  Theories were discussed about our solar system.  We will be discussing this further in upcomming classes. 

Posted: June 6, 2017

Grade 8 are to have permission slips for the Thursday trip to MVHS returned tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is the calculator section of our math assessment.  Students are to come with their own calculator.  Phones may not be used as a calculator.


Posted: May 30, 2017

Science 6 and 8 will write their end of the year benchmarks wednesday and Thursday of this week.  This assessment is skill based.  Students do not need to memorize terms or knowledge concepts.  The test focusses on science literacy.  Students will be given new situations and will be asked to read data from a table or graph.  They will be asked to read a situation and draw a conclusion.  They will be given an example of a lab and asked to write a testable question, make a prediction and write a procedure.  Students have been practicing this in class.  While this is not a test you can study from, students may wish to review similar questions from past tests, and practice test that can be found in their duotang of marked work.

Math 7

Students will write a two part assesment next week (Tuesday and Wednesday).   One part they are allowed to use the calculator and the other part they are not allowed to use the calculator.  Non calculator section will have more estimating questions, working with decimals, ....   Students have done a review assignment that will be passed back Wednesday of this week.  This assignment covered all concepts taught this year.  The idea behind this assignment is that it would help students realize which concepts they know well and which concepts they need to go back and review.  Students are encouraged to use their unit tests and notes to help them review.  Students should tailor their review to the areas they had trouble with on the review assignment.


Math 8

Students will write their benchmark district test Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  We have done an official review of all 5 strands covered this year.  Students will do a practice test in order to get a better understanding of what type of questions will be on the calculato section and the non-calculator section.  Students are encouraged to review their unit tests.

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Posted: May 29, 2017

Students will write their science provincial/district assessment this week.  Math assessements will be next week.  In class we are working on practice test and taking the time to learn how to edit and revise our work. 

Redo questions and check answers so that you come to class with questions for us to review.  Students have their duotangs to review work.

Posted: May 25, 2017

Math 8

-We continue to work on tessalations.  Students are to complete Q 1 to 3 for homework.


Math 7

-We looked at rotations today.  Students are to complete Questions p.327 Q 1 to 3 for homework.


Science 6

-Today we worked on using a graph to fill in a data table.  We also answered questions after reading a paragraph and looking at a graph.   Students should be using their duotang to look over past test, labs and assignments to help prepair for end of the year benchmarks and assessments.  Provincial bench mark will be next week.


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Posted: May 23, 2017

Math 8

-Review sheet 2 and 3 are due tomorrow.


Math 7

-We had Mr. Hayward in as a guest this afternoon to kick start our review for the end of the year.  We had a lot of fun reviewing math.  Students are to complete Q 2 and 4 and worksheet on coordinate deometry for tomorrows class.


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Posted: May 19, 2017

Math 8

-Mathletics tasks are a great way to review math skills.


Math 7

-Today we learnt about translations and reflections.  Notes posted below.


Science 7

-Today we had time to finish our worksheet.  We postponed our lab due to many students being absent for volley ball.

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Posted: May 17, 2017

Math 8

-Today we reviewed vocabulary from our integer unit.

-We continued to practice probability questions.

Math 7

-We drew line segments today.  Students should complete the first side of the worksheet.


Science 6

-Today we worked on drawing conclusions from graphs.

-We described trends in graphs.


Posted: May 16, 2017

Math 8

-Homework quetions is included in the notes posted below. 

-Today we reviewed graphs and what can be misleading about them.  We went over the advantages and disadvantages of each type of graph.  We also started our unit on probability.


Math 7

-Students were told their grade on the rewrite.  Test will be returned Thursday after everyone writes.

-Handouts were given today.  Students must have a math set to fully participate in our unit.  Today we learnt several ways to draw perpendicular lines.


Science 7

-Studnets were given a handout on different seperation techniques.  We also made sure everyone is caught up on the notes for the particle theory.

-We spend the last period in the lab cleaning pennies.   It was a lot of Fun!!!!!

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Posted: May 15, 2017

Math 8

-Notes posted below.   Homework is to finish question 3 to 5 on page 399.

Math 7

-Today students did a rewrite.  They can see me tomorrow to get their mark, but I can not pass them back until all students write.  This will be Thursday.

Science 6

-We corrected the third practice exam.  These have been passed back and students should review them to study.

-Students are to complete the histogram for marks.  A copy of the data table is in the notes below for students who were absent today.

Science 8

-A second practice test was passed out today.  Students should have this completed for next class as we will be correcting it as a group.

-Students are to complete the density worksheet.  One side allows students the practice of answering quetions using the information from the graph.  The other side allows students to review terminology and to aplly what we are learning in math to science.  Students may use a calculator to answer questions.

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Posted: May 12, 2017

Math 8

-Finish fraction worksheet.

-Today we reviewed square roots for the end of the year benchmark.

Math 7

-Test to be signed.  If students want to write the re-write Monday they have to have all mathletics task complete and they need to have the test signed. All questions from the test were reviewed in class today.

-Students need a math set for Tuesday.

Science 7

-Today we talked about super saturated solutions.  We discussed some real life situations.  Notes are posted below.


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Posted: May 11, 2017

Math 8

-Homework will be checked tomorrwo.  Review day 1 and 2 are due for correction.

Math 7

-Students need to bring a math set to  class each day.  We have started module 8.

Science 6

-Today we went over how to answer multiple choice questions involving testable questions and graphs.  Students were given the third practice test.  This will be corrected next class (Monday) for marks.

Science 8

-Students should now have their two density lab sheets completed and passed in.  Students need to use their observations and calculations in their conlusion statements and answers.  Conclusions should be a general summary statement of what they learnt.  They should then add a second statement where they use their calculations and observations to suport their summary statement.  Remember that numbers need to have units.  NO units, no points.  :)

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