What we are doing in class

Posted: December 1, 2020

Math 7 and 8 

-In class Notebook students can find two sheets.  Click on your name- click on class notes- scroll down to the bottom.   The sheets have a review video lesson, and then questions to complete from the text  The triangle sheet should be completed for tomorrow.   Test next week on area and volume. 

Math 6 

-Today we did some questions on measuring angles from the textbook.  Students have an assessment sheet to complete.  Most students passed this in, but if they were not finished it is for homework. 

--Review videos are in the class Notebook.  Test next week on angles and triangles. 


Science 7 and 8 

1.Research for the water project should now be completed. Students should have a list of resources that they used to find the info.    

2.Presentation: Students have chosen their method to present their findings to the class.   Time was given to create the presentation.  Bon Patron can be used to help edit their work.    

During the presentation remember to focus on: 

-Explaining the new vocabulary 

-Talk about technology use in your topic. (Equipment used) 

-Give some real-life connections or examples.  You may have pictures or videos to share. 


3.The visual art piece can be created at home or at school.  It needs to be done for Monday. 

Time remaining to work on the project at school: 

The 7/8 class will have 1 class on Tuesday and two classes on Wednesday and one class on Thursday to work on the project.  All tasks not completed will need to be done at home. 

The 7 class will have three classes on Thursday.  All other work will be done at home.  

4.Projects will be presented next week in class.