What we are doing in class this week.

Posted: November 17, 2020

Math 6, 7 and 8 

Math test will be Thursday.  Please use the practice assignments and test to help you know what you need to practice.  Mathletics and Netmath have practice questions that will give you answers.  Assignments in teams have been corrected.  Check grades for feedback and answers. 


Science 7 and 8 

We have started our big water research project.   Student have a topic to research.  They are to answer the questions given and create a list of 7 to 10 vocabulary words.  They will create a project to present their findings.  The method is their choice.   They will also create a visual to show their learning. 


Remember to focus on technology use in your topic and how the science concept affects our life.  Choose a method to display your learning that is interesting to you and that showcases your strengths.  Options can be power points, stop motion, bill Nye type videos, sway....   For the visual, you may choose to do a poster, model, brochure, art piece.     Let your interest and personality help you to choose an option that interest you.   This project will be due the second week of December.   I have placed the guiding sheet in Team’s notebook.  Mme. Burque will be available once a week to help with translation and the French correction.  This project will require some work to be done at home.