Mrs. McQuaid Murphy Notes

French immersions math and science


Posted: September 8, 2016

Math 8

-Today we learnt three ways to multiply integers: repeated addition, with counters and with number lines.  Tomorrow we will review this and practice solving questions using each method.  Notes from today are posted below. 

-Homework is to cover Math text for Monday.


Math 7

-Today we went through some mental math questions.  Students found them challenging.  We talked about how this is not a bad thing.  We will work together this year to learn some strategies to make mental math easier.   Students are encouraged to ask for help when needed.

-We learnt about positive and negative integers.  Students are to complete questions 1 to 5 for homework.  This should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes.  We will correct this in class tomorrow and go over any question students may find difficult.

-Notes from today are posted below.


Science 6

-Today we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of classification systems.  Students did an activity where they developed their own classification systems.  They used <<des attributs>> to divide objects into groups and <<sous-groupes>>.

-Homework: students are to look up the terms they do not know in the activity for next class.  This will help them to fully participate in the next class.

-Some pictures from todays class are posted at the following link.



Science 8


-Today we learnt about the 7 characteristics of living things.  The students took notes which are posted below for those who were absent or may need more time to complete them.  Parents can check the notes online to ensure their child has copied the material in class.   As a team, we can encourage them to keep complete and organized notes which will help them to study for the test.


-Homework is for students to finish writing their conclusion. 


A conclusion has two parts: 


  1.  A statement to summarize what they think.

  2. Proof in the form of examples.  Terms learnt in the unit should be used.


Posted: September 7, 2016

Math 8

Today we did an operations test to determine areas where revision are needed.  Over the next several weeks we will review the concepts students had difficulty with.  Tomorrow we will start our first unit on multiplying integers.


Math 7

Today we did a math operations review.  This allows me to see what areas of math each student is good at and what concepts I should review with the students this year.  The questions asked students to remember prior math strategies.

Tomorrow in class we will start our first unit on adding positive and negative numbers.


Science 6

Today we had an introduction class.  Class routines and expectations were explained.  I am looking forward to starting our unit on classification tomorrow.

Students need a duotang to be used as a portfolio and a binder for notes and assignment work.


Health 8

Today students talked about what makes them happy.  We also discussed what they do to reduce stress.   Title page was started and will be finished next class.  Title page should show 4 to 5 things that makes them happy.  It should include their name and be coloured.