What we are doing in class this week.

Posted: November 16, 2020

What we are doing in classs this week.

Math 8 

-This week we will work on graphing.   We have done this in science.   Practice questions in Netmath and Mathletics should be done by the end of the week. 

Math 7 from split. 

-We did review questions together to practice for the test. Examples placed in teams. Students then had a practice test in teams.  When the assignment is marked it will appear in the grades section. 

-Test will be Thursday this week. 

Math 7 

-We did review questions today to get ready for our test.  I have placed these examples in the students’ notebooks in teams. 

-Mrs. Foran worked with a group of students on graphing and tables. 

-All assignments in teams should now be done and passed in. 

-Practice questions for term 1 should be done by the end of the week in both Mathletics and Netmath. 

Math 6 

-Today we used Mathletics and Netmath to practice for our test Thursday.    

-Practice test will be passed back Tuesday.  We will use Tuesday and Wednesday class to re-teach any concepts students had trouble with on the practice test.  

-Students should be working on Mathletics and Netmath this week at home to prepare for the test on Thursday.    

Science 7 

-New project was explained.   Handout was given to each student with their research questions. 

-Vocabulary sheet should now be completed.