Mrs. McQuaid Murphy Notes

French immersions math and science


Posted: November 18, 2019

Report cards have been sent home.  They should be returned signed.


Math 8

-Students did a matching game to practice their square roots and perfect squares.

-We did a smart Notebook lesson.  See notes attached.

-Time was given to work on problems from the book but they are not for homework.

Math 6 and 7

-We did a group review and discussed the differences between what will be asked on the grade 6 and the grade 7 test.  Students decided that they are ready for the test tomorrow.

Math 6

-Formative test passed back.  Corrections are posted below.  Test is tomorrow.  These test do not count and are done before the student studies.  The scores are usually low.  Use them to help identify where you know the material and where you should review for the test.  The great thing about math is the only changes will be the numbers for the real test.  Make sure you understand what is being asked of you.  Also make sure you are showing your work.

Science 7

-Notes posted below on solubility and reading information from a table.  

-Students were to write the variables, testable question, hypothesis and procedure for the lab we will do next week.  This is due next class. (Monday)

Science 6

-We went over variables, testable question, hypothesis, tables and graphs.

-Time was given to continue work on the graph Ms. Arsenault gave them last class.

Posted: November 15, 2019

Math 8

-We learnt our perfect squares up to 256.   Students need to memorize them.   We played two games (matching and a puzzle) to reinforce them.

-Homework page 15 Q 5, 6 and 7.

Science 8

-We finished presentations today.

Math 7

-We went over how to turn a qword problem into an expression.

-We reviewed how to find expressions from tables.

-Test will be Tuesday.

Math 6

-We did a group review today. Students wrote a formative test.

-Our unit test will be Wednesday.

Posted: November 7, 2019

Science 8

- Test was written today.  We still have three projects to present and we will do them Tuesday morning in math class.

math 6 and 7

-We reviewed how to figure out the expression for a table and how to find out missing numbers in a table.  We also reviewed that you can only solve an expression if we are told the value of the variable.  We reviewed the new vocabulary of the unit.

- In groups, students used a dice to solve expressions.  This activity allowed us to identify who understands the concept and who will get some re-teaching before the test next week.

Posted: November 4, 2019

Fundraiser tickets and money should be coming in this week.  

Math 8

-Test on graphing will be Wednesday

Science 8

-Test 1 on Optics will be Thursday.

Science 6/7

-Students wrote their test today.  No homework.

Math 6.

-Supply teacher this morning.  Mathletics assignments are due Sunday night of each week.

Math 6 and 7

-Mathletics assignments are due Sunday night of each week.

-Students doing the rewrite need to have the workbook completed for tomorrow.   

Posted: November 1, 2019

Math 8


-We did a double math class to clear up problems with graphing.   Students need to pay attention to their scales.  P 365 Q 12 should be completed for Monday.

Math 6 and 7 split.

-We did a practice test for the comutativiter property of multiplication.  We have been playing games all week on this mental math strategy.  Test that counts will be Monday. Video posted on ShowMe for a review of this mental math strategy.

-We went over the differences in questions between grade 6 and 7 for graphing.

Math 6

We did a practice test for the comutativiter property of multiplication.  We have been playing games all week on this mental math strategy.  Test that counts will be Monday.

-video posted on ShowMe for the mental math strategy covered this week.

Science 6 and 7 split.

-Test Monday.

Posted: October 31, 2019

Math 8

-no class on Thursdays.

Math 6 and 7 split

-We did some mental math games for multiplying and general review.

Science 6 and 7 split

-Students had time to work on a review sheet for states of matter.  We then took time to go over the questions.

-Test Monday

Math 6

-We did some mental math multiplication review games.

-Time was given to finish the review sheet that is due tomorrow. 

-Time was given to finish Q 1 and 2 from the text.

-Time was given to finish the Mathletics tasks that are due Sunday night.

* The goal was that most homework should be done.  If more time is needed students can see me on an individual basis to ask for and extension.


Assembly during the afternoon. 


Have fun tonight and remember to look both ways before crossing the street. 

Posted: October 30, 2019

Math 8

-We went over how to fill in a data table and construct a graph.  We talked about how it is important to put a name for the axis and the graph.   We reviewed how each square on the graph paper has the same value along an axis.   Students are to complete page 365 Q 12 a for homework.  Graph paper was given to them in class.

Math 7

-Review assignment was passed out and many students were able to use their notes and finish it.   Time was given to work on Mathletics assignments.

Math 6 from split

-Students participated in a game to review mental math for multiplying.  Students then completed P 14 Q 1 and 2.  Question two asks them to identify the “machines” that were used in the table.  Questions are to be finished for homework.

-Time was given to work on Mathletics or the review assignment that is due Friday.

-Mr. Walsh met with students to do binder and duotang checks. 

Science 8

-We had our presentations for our research project.  Students are able to “show what they know” in a way that is meaningful for them.

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Posted: October 29, 2019

Math 8

-We went over how to fill in tables.   We corrected homework from the book.  We also practiced our mental math for multiplying with the game “BING”.

-Students were given the October review sheet.  This can be done using their notes.  Student may work with a tutor on this assignment.  The idea is to promote regular review of material covered this year.   The assignment is to be passed in Monday.  It counts for the report card.

-Test was passed back to be signed.   Students wishing to do a rewrite will need to make corrections and see me to arrange a time to re-write.

Math 7

-Re-writes were passed back to be signed.

-We reviewed with the grade 6 how to find the equation and expression for a data table.

-Grade 7 reviewed how to solve expressions given the value of the variable.  We also reviewed the vocabulary for the algebra unit.  Time was given to work on Mathletics tasks that are due Sunday night.  Remember to check under your avatar and switch between your two Mathletics classes as there are assignments in each.

- Tomorrow students will be given their review sheet for October.  The goal is to promote regular review of material covered.  One assignment will be given at the end of each month.  Students may use their notes on these assignments.   Student may also work on them with a tutor.  Students will have one week to complete the assignment.  This assignment will count on the report card.

Math 6 from the split.

-We reviewed multiplication with a games.  We watched two videos on finding and naming the relationships, expression and equation for a pattern and data in a data table.  We did two examples together (see notes).  Time was given to work on the October review assignment that is due Friday.

Math 6

-We watched two videos on identifying the expressions and equations in data tables.  We did two examples together.   Time was given to work on Mathletics tasks that are due Sunday night and the review assignment that is due Friday.  Students may use their notes to complete the review assignment.  The goal is to get them reviewing all material covered.  We will be doing one assignment like this each month.

Posted: October 28, 2019

Math 8

-p. 356 Q 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10.

-We worked at filling a data table from an equation.   Due to computer problems the lesson did not save today.

Math 7

-Students doing the re-write worked with Mr. Walsh today.   Students have a review book to complete before they can do the re-write.

Math 6

-We continued our work with enter / exit tables. We corrected the work from the textbook.  We did two examples together.

-Students were given the October review assignment.  This is to be complete for Friday.   They may use their notes to help them.  The review assignment will be given once a month to review all material covered this year.

Science 6/7

-Test is one week from today.

-We reviewed pure substances and mixtures.  We then reviewed heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures.

-We identified what needs to be studied for the test.   Time was given to study in groups.

Science 6

-We reviewed how to read and construct line graphs.   A worksheet was given to assess student learning.

Posted: October 25, 2019

Math 7

-Today we learnt how to name the parts of an expression.  We also learnt how to solve expressions when we are given the value of the variable.

-Tet sent home to be signed.  50% is a pass and is a 3.   Students who want to do a re-write need to complete the review packet.  Extra help is Monday at lunch.

Math 6

-They learnt how to solve enter exit tables.  Page 8 Q 1, 2, 4, and 5 is for homework.

-Test sent home to be signed. 

Math 6

-We learnt how to fill in enter exit tables.  Page 8 Q 5 is for homework.

-Test sent home to be signed and corrected.

Science 7

-The class made the choice to move their test to Nov 4th.   We went over the review sheet that they got October 21st.  Students should be reviewing this every night.

Science 8

-Project is due Wednesday.

Math 8

-We started chapter 6.

-Homework is p. 356 Q 4,5, and 8

Posted: October 24, 2019

Science 7

-lab is due tomorrow.   This is worth a lot of marks for the report card.

-test next week

Math 6/7

- We did a review of order of operations today with a hands on matching activity.

Math 6

- Students wrote their test.

Science 8

-Proects are due Wednesday.  No more class time will be given.  Students can stay in at lunch to finish their project.


Posted: October 23, 2019

Math 8

-We wrote our test today.

-Tomorrow we will be starting chapter 6 PR1 graph and analyze linear relations.

Math 7

-Students did their assessment today.

-Re-writes are marked and will be passed back tomorrow.

-Tomorrow we will start chapter 1.  P

PR1 Determine expression from a pattern

PR5 Evaluate an expression given the values

PR2 Linear relation, Table of values, Graph

Math 6 from split

-We did a review of order of operations.  Students wrote their assessment.

Math 6

-Students did a practice test today for order of operations.  It was corrected and should be signed and returned tomorrow.

-Test tomorrow.

-Friday we will start Chapter 1.

SS8 identify plot points

PR1 Relationships and patterns within Tables of Value

PR3 Represent generalizations with expressions and equations

PR2 Represent and describe patterns using tables and graphs

SP1 create, label and interpret line graphs.

Science 8

-Students should have group project due for Wednesday of next week.

-Today we learnt about various eye conditions.  Please see notes attached.  Test next Friday.

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Posted: October 22, 2019

Math 8

-We went over homework and assignment from last week.  We reviewed terms for the test tomorrow.  We practiced how to name prisms and pyramids.   We build 3-D objects and drew their 2-D views.

-Test tomorrow

-Mathletics due Sunday night.

Math 7

-We went over the review assignments.  See answers below.  Students will write their test tomorrow for mean, median, mode, range and outliers.  Please see ShowMe for review videos.

-Mathletics is due Sunday night.

Math 6 from the split.

-Students did a practice test for order of operations.  They went over the questions with Mr. Walsh.  Tomorrow students will work with me to see if they are ready for the quiz.

-Mathletics tasks are due Sunday night.

-Practice videos are on ShowMe.

Math 6

-We spent time finishing up questions from the textbook. (page 72 Q 1 4 and 5).  This should be corrected using the video in ShowMe.  Many students had time to practice and challenge themselves using Mathletics.  We had an assembly during the last half of class.

-Tomorrow we will do a practice test.  Test that counts will be Thursday on order of operations.

Science 8

-Students had a conference with me today.  Class time was given to work on the research project.  Remember to use your rubric to make sure you are on track.

Posted: October 17, 2019


 Math 7


-We corrected homework.   Assignment of practice questions was given out.  We will continue this tomorrow.

-Videos for section 7.1 and 7.2 of the textbook have been posted in our ShowMe group for students to watch for review.  Students need to memorize the terms as I can not explain them during a test.

-Group code is DISX


Math 6 from split.


-Students followed a flipped class model today where the correction for the homework was in a ShowMe video that they watched to correct their homework.  Mr. Walsh was available to help explain further.  Students then had time to work on page 72 Q 4 (with calculator) and Q5.  I checked in and students told me they understood.  Students are able to work at their own speed.   I am open to feedback about this method of teaching.

- Group code is yezn

Math 6


-We made sure everyone could log into ShowMe.   Time was given to work on page 72 Q 1.  This is for homework.  Students can correct their homework by watching the video posted in our group. (yezn).  Many students moved on to work on Q 4 and 5, but this is not for homework.  Please note Q 1 H is different from the book question.

-group code is yezn

Science 8


-Groups were given the time to start their research project.  Some groups will be using a video, Powerpoint, game, demonstration to present to the class.   Students are finding an aspect of our optics unit that they are interested in and researching it.  I love seeing all the smiles as students explore and learn about something that interests them.  We will be working on this project over the next two to three weeks.


Science 7


-We went over the readings that were handed out and made note of the important parts.  We went over how to make a scientific drawing.  We also reviewed how to do a filtration.  We will be in the lab tomorrow to perform a simple filtration.   Hair should be tied back and no sandals.


Posted: October 16, 2019

Math 8

-Today we worked with blocks to build 3-D objects from the 2-D views.   See section 8.3 of the student text.   Q 4, 5, and 6 is for homework.

Math 7

-We reviewed PEDMAS with the grade 6 students.  We then worked on 7.2 and 7.3 of the student text.  Students need to memorise the new terms.   We will practice this in class tomorrow.

-Division test is to be corrected, signed and returned.

Math 6 from the split.

-We worked on PEDMAS.  See notes for examples.   P 72 Q 1 is for homework.  I have posted a video on ShowMe in our group with the answers.

-Test is to be corrected, signed by parents and returned.

Math 6

  • We went over how to do PEDMAS.   Pictures were done during this class so no homework.  J

  • Test to be signed , corrected and returned.  Re-write is Monday for students that did not pass.

Science 8

-We answered some questions together.   The research project was explained.  Students have the rubric of how it will be marked. Rubric is also posted below.  They may work individually or in groups.  Be creative and have some fun with it!   Tomorrow students will have the entire class to work on the project.  Friday we will be in the science lab.