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Posted: September 15, 2020

Grade 7 and 8 Adding integers

In this tutorial video we go over how to add integers using counters.

Posted: September 15, 2020

Due to an increased duty schedule this year with Covid-19, I am not able to do extra help outside of class time.   Two short tutorial videos are posted below for grade 7 and 8 this week. 

Math 7/8 

-Grade 7 had time to do their Reflex math today.  I then worked with the 4 of them on drawing integers.  I introduced them to how to add integers.  We did a few questions together and will continue with this tomorrow. 

-Grade 8 practiced two digit multiplications again.  We then learnt how to model integer addition using counters.   Students began some independent work.  We will continue with it tomorrow. 

Math 7 

-Today we reviewed how to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers.   We practiced modelling integers with counter drawings.   I then introduced them to how to add integers.   We did a few questions together.   We will continue with this tomorrow. 

-I showed students their placement sheet so that they can see what concepts I will be working with them this year on.  

Math 6 

-Today we learnt about number lines and the new term “nombre entier négatif”.   We took some notes and I have attached them below.  The students then played a multiplication game and I was able to go around to each group and check on how each student is doing with learning the multiplication fact.  What a good group of workers this class is! 

Science 7/8 

-We did a group activity to check prior knowledge on water.  We shared our knowledge as a group and then students needed to record a good copy of three facts about water.  This sheet was passed in. 

-I had some time to show each student their math placement results.  This let students know where they are strong and where I will be focusing their activities this year.  Division caused some difficulties for most students so I will be reviewing it next week in class.   

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Posted: September 14, 2020

Math 7/8 

-Today we reviewed how to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers.   I showed the students two methods.  This was identified as an area of weakness on the assessment that we did last week. 

-We went over vocabulary for our integer unit.   We reviewed how to represent integers with counter models. 

-Grade 7 completed questions from Module 2 of their textbook.   Textbook should be covered for Monday. 

-Grade 8 have two multiplication questions to do. 

Math 7 

-Today we reviewed how to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers.   I showed the students two methods.  This was identified as an area of weakness on the assessment that we did last week. 

-We Practiced how to model integers with counters.   Students had some time to work on questions from text but we will finish it next class. 

Math 6 

-Students did a placement test so that I know where they are at with their basic math facts.  This does not count, but is used to help me know where to start with our learning this year. 

-The last 20 minutes of class we played multiplication war game.   Students will have a small assessment on multiplication tables at the end of the week.  They should be reviewing them at home this week. 


Science 7 

-We finished our activity from last class on water systems.  We shared our knowledge as a group.  Students were to write three points from what they learnt on a sheet and it was passed into me. 

-We went over lab safety.  We watched two lab safety videos and read a list of rules. 

-Students wrote notes on three equipment that we will be using in the lab this year. 



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Posted: September 10, 2020

Math 7

-Today we did a formative (does not count on report card) assessment on basic math facts.  This is to give me an idea where each student is in their learning.   I will use the results to know where to start your child on their learning this year.

-Some math textbooks were given out.   They need to be covered.  I will pass the rest out when they arrive.  I will provide photo copies as needed until then.

Science 7

-We did the begining of the year routines.  Students started to work on their title page.  They will have more time tomorrow to work on it.   It is due for Monday.


Math 6

-We discussed class routines.  We set up their notebook.  Students will get their textbook tomorrow.  It needs to be covered.

-Students were told that homework for my classes should never be more then 20 minutes.  At that point close your books and come and tell me in the morning.   We will find time to go over it together.  Homework should not be stressful.


Science/ math 7/8

-We watched three videos created by the district.  They go over covid and how to prevent the spread.   

-Students completed a self assessment that they corrected on multiplication facts.  They have now placed it in their binder and should be reviewing the ones they got wrong.



Posted: September 9, 2020

Welcome back to another year of school at Gretna Green.   We have spent the last two days learning about the “new normal”.    The students are doing a good job of following the guidelines set out by district and public health. 


7/8 MM FI will be located in room 213.   In our classroom they are a "bubble".   This means they can work together on projects.   They may wear their mask in the class, or chose to hang it on their desk.   In the halls students must wear their mask and keep 1 m distance from other classes. 


This week 7/8 MM eat the first part of lunch in the cafeteria with their cluster.  Our cluster is the 7 B and 8 BD classes.  Students must sit with their class and remain 1 m from other classes in their cluster.   They will be outside second part of lunch by the ball field.   Next week we are in the soccer field and eat second part of lunch.   We will rotate through the different “play” areas changing each week. 

There is no cafeteria this week.   Please bring a snack for recess.  Recess will be in our class.  We have a water fountain in our class. 

Students are being asked to hand sanitize as they enter and leave the class.  


Please note that teachers are on duty at lunch this year.  We can be reached by email or you can phone the school between 2:30 and 3 pm.   Their is no extra help or work room at lunch.


If you have any questions, please refer to our operational plan, contact Mr. Commeau or myself at 


Students need to return to school three forms: 

Blue form 

Long white form 

Short white form 


Student fee is $25. 

Posted: September 2, 2020

This year I will be teaching:

Math 6

Science 6 (I teach one of the three classess they have each week)

Math 7


Math 7/8





What students need for class:

Calculator, math set, pencil, pen, eraser and highlighter.   

Duotang to be use as a portfolio for their marked work.   

BInder-   My students like to have a two inch binder to keep their handouts and notebooks in. They put both math and science in the same binder.  

Notebooks  They will useing a wring notebook for Math and another for science.  Please use a larger one for Math or a few of the smaller Hilroy type.   We typically just use one of the smaller hillroy type wring notebooks for science.

graph paper


We will be working on notetaking, organization and study skills this year.


My email is

Posted: June 8, 2020

This is the first time I have used Survey Monkey.   Covid-19 is helping me to learn a lot of new tricks.  lol!

Students please go to the following website and complete the survey to help me know what worked for you this year and what you feel did not work.   This feedback will help me to better plan for September.


Posted: June 8, 2020

Final week of Home Learning!!!!!

This week I am posting some district generated learning resources.    Pick and choose something that interest your child.   I would recommend that students also log in to Reflex 3 times this week to practice their multiplication.  Middle school math is so much easier if you have your multiplication facts memorized.   Mathletics will also be open and students can use this time to finish any task that are assigned to them.   I will re-assign assignments that students need more practice with.  Also a reminder that IXL is open and free until the end of the month.

Latter this week I plan to send a feedback sheet.  I would appreciate some constructive feedback of what worked this year and what did not work.  Both in class and with home learning.   This will help me to direct my learning this summer to be better prepared to meet the needs of our Gators in September. 



Grade 6 

This week we finish the grade 6 math outcomes.  We continue to work in chapter 8 of Chenelière 6.   Students are learning about transformations on a coordinate plane, performing combinations of transformations and creating a design using a combination of transformations.  Outcomes SS9, SS6 and ss7.    Please watch the video and complete a few learning experiences listed below. 



-Mathletics: transformations 

-Mathletics: transformations on a coordinate plane 

-Mathletics: -Flip, slide, turn 

-worksheet for points on a coordinate plane.   It also has answer key. 



Grade 7 

This week we continue our work in Chapter 8 of Chenelière7.  This is the last material to complete grade 7 math outcomes.  SS4 has students reviewing how to name points on a cartesian plane.  SS5 has students learning how to perform transformations of translations, reflections and rotations.   This is a continuation of last week's topics.    Please do a few of the following learning activities.   You may also want to re-watch some videos for review. 




-Mathletics tasks 

-worksheet for points on a coordinate plane.   It also has answer key. 



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