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Posted: March 21, 2017

Math 8

-Today we saw that the balnce beam method is only used for algebraic equations that have positive terms.   Students should use algebra tyles for equations containing negative terms.   Q 6, 7, 8 and 10 are for homework from section 6.1

-Students are to complete their assigned Mathletics tasks by Friday.

Math 7

-Today we reviewed the difference between an expression an equation.   We also reviewed the balance beam method for modeling solving an algebraic equation.

-Today we learnt how to model solving algebraic equations using algebra tyles.    We will continue to work on this next class.

-Students are to complete their tasks on Mathletics by the end of the week.


Science 7

-Notes are posted below.

-Students are working on a heat project.  Time will be given Friday to work in class.  Presentation will be next Tuesday. 

Posted: March 20, 2017

Math 8

-Today we reviewed grade 7 algebra and saw how our grade 8 questions will require that we use our knowledge or positive and negative numbers from before Christmas.  J

Math 7

-Today we learnt how to solve expressions by substituting in a value given.

-We also reviewed our balance models for algebra.  Students are to complete Q 1 and 2 from page 229.

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Posted: March 17, 2017

Posted: March 13, 2017

Math 8

  • Finish questions 8to 11 and Questions 1 to 4 on percentages.   Test will be Wednesday or Thursday depending on the weather.

Math 7

  • We did a review today in class for the test tomorrow on percentages.

Science 6

  • We finished going over the term 2 test review today.  We talked about how questions will be asked.  We write the test our next class.

Science 8

  • We went over our optics review today.  Our test will be next class and will cover both knowledge and skills outcomes as listed in the review.  The focus will be on skills and science literacy.

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Posted: March 3, 2017

A lot of good projects at our STEM showcase.  Six projects will move onto the district fair and a few others will be asked to present at our illumination night in March.   We are also looking at continuing some projects through an enrichment group.  Hold on to your project and work as many more...

Posted: February 27, 2017

Math 8

-Today we worked on finding the original number when you know the percentage of the number.  We also looked at percent increase and percent decrease questions.  

-p 252 Q 4, 5, 6 are for homework

-Mathletics tasks are due at the end of the week.


Math 7

-Today we presented our STEM projects.   

-We also corrected the first side of our percent formative test.   The summative test will be March 1st.

Science 6 and 8

-Projects were presented today.  School fair is tomorrow.  Parents are welcome to join us between 12:30 and 2pm to view the projects.

-Study guides have been handed out.  Test will be the first week back after the break.  Students should be reviewing at home.

Posted: February 22, 2017

Math 8

Today we reviewed for our test tomorrow.  Students also had time to work on this week’s Mathletics tasks.


Math 7

Today we looked at how to estimate percentages of a number using 10% as a base value.  We also went over how to find the percent of a number using a calculator and multiplying decimals without a calculator.


Science 6 and 8

We started our presentations today and they were really good!  Our showcase will be February 28th and parents are welcome to come view projects from 12:30 until 2pm.


Health 8

We continued to learn about the different sexually transmitted infections.  

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Posted: February 21, 2017

I have been offering extra help each day at lunch to work on the STEM projects.

Math 7 and 8

-Today we participated in the national math league competition.

-Remainder of time was given to work on math tasks.

Science 7

-Notes from today are posted below.  We studied and discussed solids, liquids and gases at the particle level.

-Present stem fair Monday.

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Posted: February 20, 2017

Rubric for experiment STEM project attached below.

Math 8

-Today we worked on finding the percent of a number.  We focused on questions with small percent (less than 1%), and large percent (bigger then 100%).

-Students did a formative test.  Those that passed it in will get it back tomorrow corrected.  The others have it assigned for homework.

-Students were provided with time to work on their Mathletics.  Each week students will get  “tasks” to complete.   Students should make use of the review materials provided in the online program.


Math 7

-Today we worked on finding the percent of a number.  We also spent time reviewing how to change between percent, decimals and fractions.   Students are required to use what we learned before Christmas in this unit.   Our percent questions require students to be able to add and subtract decimals.  Students will also have to multiply decimals without a calculator.  Homework can be found in the notes posted below.

-Students are to complete their Mathletics tasks for the end of the week.     

Science 6

-A study guide was given for our term 2 summative assessment.  We will be writing this the Wednesday after March break.  Students should be taking time to make sure their notes are organized and complete.   Students should review the study guide and notes.  They may want to highlight key words.

-We will start our project presentations Wednesday for the class.  Our school showcase will be Tuesday Feb 28th.

Science 8

-Next test will be the end of the week after March break.

-Presentations of STEM projects will begin Wednesday.



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Posted: February 15, 2017

I will have an extra help Friday at lunch instead of craft club to help students with last minute questions related to STEM fair.

Math 8 and science 8

-We did our test on order of operations with fractions.

-Students had two work periods to work on their STEM projects or to work on Mathletics tasks. 

-We will start STEM presentations on Wednesday Feb 23rd.  Students should now be working on the final touches at home.  Some students will be presenting a “where I am at” instead of a final project.  This is “OK” as some innovation projects take a long time and cannot be finished in a 6 week time frame.


Math 7 and Science 7

-Students had a work period today to work on STEM fair project or on Mathletics projects.  We will begin our class presentations next week.   Students should be working at home on their STEM projects.


Science 6

-Today we had a work period.  I met with several students to help them start the editing process.  I would advise that students type their work in Word.  That they click on the review tab followed by the <language> button and then <set proofing language>.  This should be set to French (Canada).   The blue lines are grammar and accord mistakes and the red lines are spelling mistakes.   After this students can copy and paste work into .  This site will show students where there are mistakes and by hovering the mouse over the mistakes it will tell them how to correct it.

Please remember that simple clear statements are best.

-Students are to finish the project at home.  They will present in class next week.


Health 8

-Today students presented their song project where they discussed what a healthy relationship is. 

-We started to learn about sexually transmitted infections.  We will continue this next class.


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