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Posted: September 8, 2017

Grade 6 FI learning about positive and negative numbers using counters and number lines.

Posted: September 8, 2017


Math 7:

  • Today we learnt how to model integers using counters (jetons).  We learnt how to model and draw addition questions for positive and negative numbers.  We learnt the term <<une paire nulle>>.  A <<paire nulle> has a value of zero.

  • Questions we worked on in class are p.58 Q 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10.  We will continue next week.  No homework.

  • Class notes are posted below.


Science 7:

  • Today we talked about mixtures and solutions.  We learnt about the 3 states of mater. We also learnt about the safety symbols.  We will have a test on the safety symbols next Friday.  

  • No homework.

  • Notes posted below.


Math 8:

  • Today we learnt how to model multiplication of integers when both terms are negative.

  • Homework p. 68 Q 4, 5 and 10


Math 6:

  • Today we learnt how to model positive and negative numbers.  We learnt how to add <<des paires nulles>> and it does not change the value.

  • We will begin to have homework next week.


Science 8:

  • We had an assembly during today’s class

  • No homework


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Today we used a lot of different strategies to learn about positive and negative numbers.  The students enjoyed practicing with a fun card game.

Posted: September 7, 2017

We did a group marshmallow challenge in Science 7FI. 


Posted: September 7, 2017

Math 8:

  • No class today We do not have Math on Thursdays

Math 7:

  • Today we did a “discover our book” activity.

  • We started module 2 on integers.  We reviewed previous knowledge from grade 6 and made notes as needed.  We took time to talk about how we will organize our math notes this year.  We will write notes in pen and do our practice questions in pencil.  We will use a highlighter to highlight new terms we should know.   We will include examples in our definitions to help deepen our understanding of new vocabulary.  We will keep our notebook (Hilroy type) and worksheets in the binder.  We are using a notebook as loose leaf tend to break and fall out.

  • Notes are attached below.

Science 7:

  • We learnt about the different parts of our text and how we will use them as a resource this year.

  • We spent some time discussion the importance of communication during group activities.  We also talked about how we need to problem solve when working on projects.  

  • We did a group marshmallow challenge.  Students in groups of three had to create something to get their marshmallow the highest distance possible off the ground using 12 spaghetti and one arm length of tape.  Please take a look at the photos.  We had a lot of fun.  Students worked together through problems in order to be successful.  Lexus, Max and Erica were our winners with a result of 48cm off the ground.

Math 6:

  • Today we had an assembly for the first part of class.

  • We reviewed our new terms from yesterday, finished our folded paper activity and learnt that it is important to understand the “French” in the question to be successful. 

  • We created a human number line as a class.  

  • We practiced our understanding of numbers by playing a modified version of the game <<war>>.  Red cards were negative and black cards were positive.   During the year we will be using games, group activities, worksheets and questions from the book to practice the grade 6 concepts.  See photos from today’s class in the photo gallery.

Science 8

Notes posted below.  Today we talked about science drawings.  We looked at rubrics for prototypes.



Posted: September 6, 2017

Math 8:

  • Today we reviewed regrouping strategies for addition.

  • We started outcome N7, chapter 2 of the student text.  We discussed how multiplying integers is really just a repeated addition.  We learnt how to correctly read the question and how to use the commutative property to change the order of the terms in a multiplication question.

  • No homework

Math 7:

  • Books were handed out today and they should be covered by Monday.

  • Parents/guardians are asked to sign the class handout.  Reminder that homework in Math should not take longer than 20 minutes.

  • We began some general review of basic math operations today and will continue it the rest of this week. 

  • No homework

Math 6:

  • Today we went over how to add using regrouping.

  • We learnt the term <<nombre entier>>.  It is a whole number that does not have a decimal.  It can be positive or negative.  We learnt that a number line can be horizontal or vertical.  We also discussed the proper way to say negative numbers in French. (-5 is said <<négatif 5>> and not <<moin 5>>.)

  • Notes from today’s class are posted below. Click on the link.  Students are responsible for making sure their notes are complete.

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Posted: September 5, 2017

Welcome to the new School year.   Please take a moment to sign the info letter sent home today for grade 6 and 8.   

 Math 6

Students did some review question on adding and subtracting using regrouping today.  This was not for homework and we will continue it in class tomorrow.

Science 8

-Today we started to talk about prototypes.  Notes attached below for the planning phase.

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Posted: June 21, 2017

Grade 8 students are encouraged to bring their glove for the big staff against students game to be held Thursday at 1:20.

Grade 8 lunch will be a turkey diner tomorrow at 11:20 in the culinary tech room.


Today we had a presentation about technology use for our middle school students.  Tuesday, some students will be helping with the elementary activity day.  Wednesday we will be having an assembly for middle school awards.  Thursday in the grade 8 lunch and the baseball game in the afternoon. Friday will have our end of the year assembly and an early dismissal.  The year has quickly come to an end!

I asked students to fill out a feedback form for me today.  I am looking for what teaching practices I used that worked well for them and for suggestions of what to do differently next year.  These are done without student names.  Their are extra copies on the desk at the front of the class and an envelop to put them in when completed.  I truly appreciate the feedback as to what "things" have been helpful.  The feedback allows me to make better use of my time next year, but also alows me to make changes to beter help the students.   Did you use the website? Did you watch the Math tutorials on youtube and my teacher page? Do you like the Formative/practice tests? Do you like having the rubrics for test and projects on the form? Am I talking to fast in French? Was the amount of homework reasonable? Which lab activity did you like?  Were the review/warm up games in math helpful?   I will use the feedback to rework my classes and make them more meaningful for the students next year.

Students are passing in their last few assignments and corrections for me to consider when making up their final grade.   I kindly ask that they are pased in Tuesday at the latest. Most have passed in the ir work and this is for those students wanting to make some last minute corrections. Please feel free to email or send a digital copy to my email

It has been a great first year at GG and I thank you all for the warm welcome and team approach to learning this year.  Enjoy the last week of 2016-2017 school year and enjoy a restful  summer.   Bring on the sun and family fun!  :)

Posted: June 15, 2017


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