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Posted: September 15, 2017

Students in Math 6 FI practiced ordering positive and negative numbers today.   Our test is Monday.

Posted: September 15, 2017

Math 6

-Test on N1 and N7 Monday.


Math 7

-Test Monday on N6 adding integers.   

-Work passed back to be signed and returned.


Science 7

-Work passed back to be signed. Re-write for students who did not pass is Monday at Lunch.

-Notes posted below.


Math 8

-Formative test for N7 Monday.  Formative test does not count for the report card, but is used as a learning experience.  The formative test helps students to identify their areas of strength and weaknesses so they can use their time more effectively when studying for the summative test.

Science 8

-Today we continued to learn about the tides and waves.

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Posted: September 14, 2017

Math 8

-No class on Thursdays

Math 7

-We learnt another way to add integers not using a model.  “old school way”.  We took time to correct the worksheet as a class.  See notes for corrections.

-We will do a formative test tomorrow.  This is a test that does not count on the report card, but is used to help students realize what they know and what they should still review.  It also allows the students to see what the real test will look like.  It helps students who have test anxiety and it allows students to make sure they really understand what is being asked of them in a second language.   The summative (real test that counts) will be Monday.

Math 6

-Today we played “bing” to review multiplication.   It is important to be reviewing multiplication facts as they will continue to be helpful in grade 6.  I encourage students to find an app/game and regularly play it at home.

-We corrected our formative test today as a class.  This does not count for the report card.  Students should now know exactly what is expected for answers for the questions that will be on their test.  We reviewed N1 today and corrections can be found in the notes below.  Students have a sheet for homework that will review N7 on integers.  The test Monday will be on both N1 and N7.  Please note that as a class we changed the test from Friday to Monday.    One more day to review.

Science 7

-Test tomorrow on safety symbols.   Notes taken today are posted below.

Posted: September 13, 2017

Math 6

-Today we spent some time to talk about managing out time.  Students need to learn to be efficient during class time.  As soon as they sit down they should be putting books they are not using in the desk and getting out their homework and notebook.  In grade 6 students are expected to become more independent with their work.  At first this feels a bit frustrating but it will turn into confidence as they see what they "can do" on their own.

-Homework was checked today and stamps were put in the agenda for incomplete homework.

-Assignment from this week on integers is marked and was passed back today.  Students are to get this signed by parents and it is to be returned in the duotang.  This will be their portfolio.  They will get it back at the end of the year to study for their district exams.

-Homework is to finish the review sheet on outcome 1 (decomposing numbers, place value).  We will review tomorrow and students will have their test on Friday.  Test will cover all material seen this year (N1and N7).


Math 8

-Today we reviewed modeling multiplication of integers using a number line.   We also reviewed addition and subtraction from grade 7.  First assignment was marked and passed back today.  Students are to get this signed.   Our test will be next week.  A second review sheet was given with explanations and practice questions.  This was because I noticed some students did not remember the models from grade 7 and they are included in the grade 8 material when we do order of operations.  This sheet is due for homework.


Math 7

-Today we reviewed how to use a number line to model addition.  Students are to complete questions from the text for homework p.62 Q 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and p68 Q 8.  Most of today’s class was given as time to work on the homework.

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Posted: September 12, 2017

Math 8

-Finish questions from text book on multiplying integers using a number line.  See notes attached below.

Math 7

-Students are to finish questions from text.  We will have a test on Friday.

Math 6

-Finish questions from text that are identified in the attached notes.  Test on N7 and N1 will be Friday.

Science 8

-We did a prototype activity today.  Student had to use science drawings.

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Posted: September 11, 2017

Math 8

-Review sheet of grade 7 material (adding and subtracting integers) is due tomorrow.

Math 7

-Worksheet on adding integers is due tomorrow.

Math 6

-Homework is to finish worksheet handed out today.

Science 6

-Today we talked about lab safety.  No homework

Science 7

-Quiz on safety symbols during Friday's science class.

Posted: September 8, 2017

Grade 6 FI learning about positive and negative numbers using counters and number lines.

Posted: September 8, 2017


Math 7:

  • Today we learnt how to model integers using counters (jetons).  We learnt how to model and draw addition questions for positive and negative numbers.  We learnt the term <<une paire nulle>>.  A <<paire nulle> has a value of zero.

  • Questions we worked on in class are p.58 Q 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10.  We will continue next week.  No homework.

  • Class notes are posted below.


Science 7:

  • Today we talked about mixtures and solutions.  We learnt about the 3 states of mater. We also learnt about the safety symbols.  We will have a test on the safety symbols next Friday.  

  • No homework.

  • Notes posted below.


Math 8:

  • Today we learnt how to model multiplication of integers when both terms are negative.

  • Homework p. 68 Q 4, 5 and 10


Math 6:

  • Today we learnt how to model positive and negative numbers.  We learnt how to add <<des paires nulles>> and it does not change the value.

  • We will begin to have homework next week.


Science 8:

  • We had an assembly during today’s class

  • No homework


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Today we used a lot of different strategies to learn about positive and negative numbers.  The students enjoyed practicing with a fun card game.

Posted: September 7, 2017

We did a group marshmallow challenge in Science 7FI. 



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