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French immersions math and science

Posted: November 30, 2020

Math 7 and 8 

-Today we learnt how to calculate the area of a circle.    Time was also given to practice area of parallelogram and triangle in Mathletics and Netmath. 

Math 6 

-We reviewed the names of the angles.  Students then had time to work in Mathletics and Netmath where they got instant feedback on their progress. 

-Names of angles and triangles should be memorized. 

-Video to review angles and triangles is placed in teams.  Click on class Notebook- student name- class notes- scroll down until you see the page. 


Science 7 and 8 

1.Research for the water project should now be completed. Students should have a list of resources that they used to find the info.    

2.Presentation: Students have chosen their method to present their findings to the class.   Time was given to create the presentation.  Bon Patron can be used to help edit their work.    

During the presentation remember to focus on: 

-Explaining the new vocabulary 

-Talk about technology use in your topic. (Equipment used) 

-Give some real life  connections or examples.  You may have pictures or video to share. 


3.The visual art piece can be created at home or at school.  It needs to be done for Monday. 

Time remaining to work on the project at school: 

The 7/8 class will have 1 class on Tuesday and two classes on Wednesday and one class on Friday to work on the project.  All tasks not completed will need to be done at home. 

The 7 class will have three classes on Thursday.  All other work will be done at home.  

4.Projects will be

Posted: November 26, 2020

Science 7 and 8

-Research for Project should be done for Monday.   Students should now be working on their presentation.  Next week they will be working on the presentation and art component of our project.    All projects are due December 7th.   

Math 6

We are working on learning how to measure and draw angles.  Students should be learning the names at home.  Notes are in teams.  

Math 7 and 8

-We are working on area of triangles and parallelograms.   Grade 8 is also learning about nets and will be learning about surface area next week.  Notes, videos in teams.

Posted: November 17, 2020

Math 6, 7 and 8 

Math test will be Thursday.  Please use the practice assignments and test to help you know what you need to practice.  Mathletics and Netmath have practice questions that will give you answers.  Assignments in teams have been corrected.  Check grades for feedback and answers. 


Science 7 and 8 

We have started our big water research project.   Student have a topic to research.  They are to answer the questions given and create a list of 7 to 10 vocabulary words.  They will create a project to present their findings.  The method is their choice.   They will also create a visual to show their learning. 


Remember to focus on technology use in your topic and how the science concept affects our life.  Choose a method to display your learning that is interesting to you and that showcases your strengths.  Options can be power points, stop motion, bill Nye type videos, sway....   For the visual, you may choose to do a poster, model, brochure, art piece.     Let your interest and personality help you to choose an option that interest you.   This project will be due the second week of December.   I have placed the guiding sheet in Team’s notebook.  Mme. Burque will be available once a week to help with translation and the French correction.  This project will require some work to be done at home. 

Posted: November 16, 2020

What we are doing in classs this week.

Math 8 

-This week we will work on graphing.   We have done this in science.   Practice questions in Netmath and Mathletics should be done by the end of the week. 

Math 7 from split. 

-We did review questions together to practice for the test. Examples placed in teams. Students then had a practice test in teams.  When the assignment is marked it will appear in the grades section. 

-Test will be Thursday this week. 

Math 7 

-We did review questions today to get ready for our test.  I have placed these examples in the students’ notebooks in teams. 

-Mrs. Foran worked with a group of students on graphing and tables. 

-All assignments in teams should now be done and passed in. 

-Practice questions for term 1 should be done by the end of the week in both Mathletics and Netmath. 

Math 6 

-Today we used Mathletics and Netmath to practice for our test Thursday.    

-Practice test will be passed back Tuesday.  We will use Tuesday and Wednesday class to re-teach any concepts students had trouble with on the practice test.  

-Students should be working on Mathletics and Netmath this week at home to prepare for the test on Thursday.    

Science 7 

-New project was explained.   Handout was given to each student with their research questions. 

-Vocabulary sheet should now be completed. 

Posted: November 12, 2020

7/ 8 class can wear PJ tomorrow.  They can also bring a snack for the afternoon activity 


Science 7 

-We continued to learn about water basins and pollution.  Notes and worksheet was placed in teams.  We will finish the worksheet tomorrow. 

Math 7 

-Text book questions should now be done.  page 136 Q 1, 2, 4, et 6 and page 138 Q 3, 5, 7 et 8.  When done students are to take a picture and upload it to oneNote under the assignment section.  Ask for help if you need it. 

-Assignment on circumference is due Monday.  It is in teams. 

Math 6 

-Practice test tomorrow. (module 1 algebra, graphs and tables) 

Math 8 

-They did their test today on PEDMAS. 

Math 7 from the split class. 

-They learnt how to upload homework to oneNote.  Textbook questions should now be done.  page 136 Q 1, 2, 4, et 6 and page 138 Q 3, 5, 7 et 8.  When done students are to take a picture and upload it to oneNote under the assignment section. 

Posted: November 10, 2020

Homeroom 7/8 will have a pj day friday.   We will be watching a movie.  Students can bring their own snack. They can not share food.

Math 8

-We did some examples together on the board of PEDMAS.  Suggested individual work to prepair for the test is p 166 Q 8, 11 and p 167 Q 12 and 15.

-Test is Thursday

Math 7 from split.

-Time to finish questions from text last day.

-I went over how to find diameter when circumference is given.

Science 7 and 8

- We discussed polution and its influence on water basins.   We saw a video on eau potable.   Notes can be found in teams.

Posted: November 9, 2020

Math 8 

-Assignment on PEDMAS in teams has been corrected.  Please see Class Notebook – your name- assignment- PEDMAS to see your feedback.  Your mark is listed under the grades tab. 

-Today was a work period. 

-Test Thursday. 

Math 7 from split 

-We did a review of Radius, diameter and circumference formulas.  After doing several examples together students had time to work on book questions. Page 136 Q 1, 2, 4 and 6.  Page 138 Q 3, 5, 7, and 8.  These are not for homework. 

Math 7 

-See teams for the examples of questions that we did together. 

-Time to work on Book questions. 

-Teams assignments are marked, and grades can be found under the grade tab at the top. 

Homework: page 136 Q 1, 2 4 and 6 

Math 6 

-We went over how to fill in a table using an expression.  We also reviewed how to find the machines, relation and expression for a table of values. 

-Students are starting to see their assignments returned in the grades section of teams.  We are still learning how to submit work.  Test Friday. 

Science 7 

-Our topic today was drinkable water.  video “eau potable” 

Science 6 

-Students applied what we are learning in Math to science.  They used a graph to fill in a table. 

The grade 7/8 class attended a virtual seminar today.  Making a Difference BL Speaker Series: Designing for Empathy was put on by Brilliant Labs.    

The focus questions of the presentation was: How can we help to foster different forms of empathy in youth to create a compassionate sustainable world? 


The speaker talked about building an ethical imagination.  He highlighted the power of change that can be made through kindness.  That we should start with small acts.  He described how to be a cooperative team member.  That kindness can be learning to be a good listener.  Kindness comes from a place of strength.  He encouraged a cooperative mindset and reminded students that we always have a choice to be kind. 


Here is some information on the speaker from the session handout: 


“About Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi is an innovative thinker, philosopher, educator and a polymath monk. He is Director of the Ethics Initiative at the MIT Media Lab and President & CEO of The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a center dedicated to inquiry, dialogue, and education on the ethical and humane dimensions of life. Venerable Tenzin’s unusual background encompasses entering a Buddhist monastery at the age of ten and receiving graduate education at Harvard University with degrees ranging from Philosophy to Physics to International Relations. He is a Tribeca Disruptive Fellow and a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Universit

Posted: November 2, 2020

Grade 8 sweatshirt money and orders are due back.


Science 7 

-Quiz next class on notes from October 28th.  Students have a handout, but it can also be found in Teams class Notebook. 

Math 7 

-Test tomorrow on the algebra from module 1.   Review videos and questions posted in teams.    

Math 8 

-Two assignments in teams are now overdue. 

-Test tomorrow on order of operations. 

Math 6 

-We went over how to write expressions. 

-Time was given to learn how to pass in an assignment in teams and how to do a “quiz” in teams.   When they are marked, they will appear in the grades section of teams.   The focus is on learning how to pass work in on teams.    Students should be working on these two assignments at home if they are not finished.   Please let me know if you need help passing it in. 

Science 6 

-Today we reviewed the three types of variables: independent, dependent and control.    

-New material was learning how to write a testable question.  I passed out a handout of the notes.  We did two examples together and I circulated to correct them.   I created a science 6 class notebook in teams.  I put a copy of the notes there with the work that we did today.

Posted: October 28, 2020

Math 7 and Math 8 will be having a test Tuesday November 3rd.   Textbook questions should now be completed.  Students should be practicing for the test by completing assignments on Mathletics and Netmath.   Students should be asking for help during class time.

If a students feels like they need more time to complete the work before the test, please see me to arrange an alternate time to write the test.

Please use your class notebook in Teams to review.  Tutorial videos are in ShowMe and in Teams.



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