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French immersions math and science

Posted: March 9, 2021

Lots of creativitiy from our grade 7 and 8 students.   They took items they were no longer using and instead of throwing them out, made something new with it.  Great work Gators!

Posted: March 1, 2021

Up-cycling project 

Posted: January 28, 2021

Math 6

-We will have a short quiz on adding decimals Friday.

-We learn how to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism.  Notes and a turorial video are in the class Notebook in office 365.

-Q 1 and 2 are for homework.  Most students finished this in class.

-Students should be doing 15 minutes of Mathletics or netmath at home.

Math 7

-Students learnt about moyene et mode today.  Page 260 Q 1, 2, 3, and 4 are for homework.

-Students should be working on Mathletics and netmath for 15 minutes at home to practice each night.

-Notes and tutorial video can be found in the class notebook.


Math 8

- Section 6.1 Q 6, 7, 8, et 10

-Section 6.2 5, 6, 8, 9 et 10

-Mathletics (activities and Quest)

-Netmath (assigned work)

Science 7 and 8

The following is work students should be completing for Sunday night:

-Upcycling prototype planning is due Sunday night.  Please load this to oneNote.  Rubric and notes are posted.  This is where you pick the object you are going to upcycle and make a list of materials needed.  Next week will be your week to make it.   We will display this project the week before March break.  Take pictures of the process.  Keep a journal of what you did.

-Pollution plastique, attention danger  (questions after reading information on the website)

-Upcycling planning sheet  (Many students passed in a paper copy.  It is posted in OneNote.)  The goal is to narrow choices to three possible ones that you could make at home.

-Vocabulary sheet.  Students should know what each word means so that they can use the vocabulary in their project.


Posted: January 5, 2021

Multiplication of decimals help

This site goes over how to multiply decimals.

Posted: January 5, 2021

Adding decimals help

This site goes over how to add decimals.

Posted: December 14, 2020

Math 6

-Students will get the practice test back tomorrow. We will go over all answers in class.  This will tell the students what they need to study for the test on Wednesday.   Most students did not know the names of the angles and triangles.  This needs to be memorized.  Please use teams and notes to study.  

-Today students worked on Mathletics and assignments in teams.  All assignments in Mathletics should be completed with a minimum of 60% by xmas break.  More class time will be given Thursday and Friday to work on it.

Math 7

-Students are to have all math assignments in teams and Mathletics done by Christmas break with a minimum mark of 60 %.  Time was given to work on them in class today.  Mrs. Foran, Mr. Walsh and myself were available to help students as needed.

Math 8

-Students are to complete Mathletics tasks by the end of the week.

Science 7

-We continued with the presentations today in class.

Posted: December 10, 2020

Math 6

-Practice test tomorrow.  See teams for notes.   If they do well I will count it as their final mark.

Math 7 and 8

-Mathletics assignments should be done before xmas break.

Science 7 and 8

- I am really enjoying the science presentations.   It is nice to see the variety of work and how each student chose to further their learning.

Posted: December 8, 2020

Math 7 from 7/8 

-Did a practice test. 

Math 8 

-We did a lesson on surface area of cylinder.   I have put a video, notes and suggested practice questions from the textbook in Teams class Notebook.  We will have a test on this next week. 

Math 7 

-Work period.  Assignments were turned back in teams.  We reviewed how to solve expressions when given the value of the variable.  All Teams assignments should be done.  Students will have time tomorrow to work on Mathletics assignments if they are not writing the unit test. 

Math 6 

-We went over the new ways to name 4 sided figures.  We then learnt that perimeter is the distance around a shape.  We did some examples together.  I put a video, notes and suggested questions in class Notebook.  Q 1 and 3 is for homework.   Tomorrow will be a work period.   

-In Teams click on class notebook- click on name- click on class notes- scroll to the bottom to see the study sheets for our upcoming test.  After our work period tomorrow we will pick the date for the test. 

Science 7 and 8 

-We had some good projects today.  Work is displayed on the middle level hall. 

Posted: December 2, 2020

Science is being more commonly known as STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math.   Tomorrow the grade 7 and 8 students will have a virtual presentation sponsored by Brilliant labs.  It will help the students to understand why ART is now being grouped with science.  Here is some information on the presenter. 


About the speaker: 


Lining Yao is an Assistant Professor at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) of Carnegie Mellon University, and an adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences and Engineering. She directs the Morphing Matter Lab, developing materials, tools, and applications of adaptive, dynamic and intelligent morphing matter from nano to macro scales. Research often combines material science, computational fabrication and creative design practices. Lining and her lab work anti-disciplinarily, publishing and exhibiting across science, engineering, design and art. In 2017, Lining gained her PhD at MIT Media Lab, where she combined biological and engineering approaches to develop physical materials with dynamic and tunable properties including shape, color, stiffness, texture and density. 




Math 7 


-Students will write a practice test on r, d, c and area.  Two assignments are in teams to practice triangles and parallelograms.  Students will also find notes, videos and suggested questions from the textbook to help guide their learning.  Click on class Notebook- click on your name- click on class Notes- click on the topic you want to learn about (scroll to the bottom). 


Math 7/8 


-Students worked on Christmas concert for the first few minutes of class and then had time to further their learning in math or science. 


-Next week grade 7 will have a test on area while grade 8 will learn the grade 8 concept of surface area.   


Science 7/8 



-Work period for project today.  Students should now be completing work at home for the projects.  Presentations for this class start Tuesday. 

Posted: December 1, 2020

Math 7 and 8 

-In class Notebook students can find two sheets.  Click on your name- click on class notes- scroll down to the bottom.   The sheets have a review video lesson, and then questions to complete from the text  The triangle sheet should be completed for tomorrow.   Test next week on area and volume. 

Math 6 

-Today we did some questions on measuring angles from the textbook.  Students have an assessment sheet to complete.  Most students passed this in, but if they were not finished it is for homework. 

--Review videos are in the class Notebook.  Test next week on angles and triangles. 


Science 7 and 8 

1.Research for the water project should now be completed. Students should have a list of resources that they used to find the info.    

2.Presentation: Students have chosen their method to present their findings to the class.   Time was given to create the presentation.  Bon Patron can be used to help edit their work.    

During the presentation remember to focus on: 

-Explaining the new vocabulary 

-Talk about technology use in your topic. (Equipment used) 

-Give some real-life connections or examples.  You may have pictures or videos to share. 


3.The visual art piece can be created at home or at school.  It needs to be done for Monday. 

Time remaining to work on the project at school: 

The 7/8 class will have 1 class on Tuesday and two classes on Wednesday and one class on Thursday to work on the project.  All tasks not completed will need to be done at home. 

The 7 class will have three classes on Thursday.  All other work will be done at home.  

4.Projects will be presented next week in class. 


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