Posted: January 9, 2020

Science 8 

-Today we did a STEM challenge to build the highest building with cards.   Students had to learn to communicate, plan, re-evaluate and problem solve.   All groups started with the same amount of cards.  Each time someone spoke English they lost a card.  See picture posted. 

Math 6/7 

-We corrected homework for grade 6.  Grade 6 then worked on questions from the text.  More time will be given to complete them tomorrow in class. 

-Mathletics are due Sunday night.  Students should log into Reflex three times a week. 

-Grade 7 continued with a review of adding fractions using models and then we went over the “old school” method of how to add fractions with common and different denominators.  Students had time to work on questions from their textbook.  We will finish them tomorrow in class. 

-Reflex is a program where students work on basic math facts and advance only when they master (become fluent) at the previous math facts.  Students should log in three times a week.    

-Mathletics is due Sunday night. 

Math 6 

-We went over homework from the last two classes today.  We continue to work at finding equivalent fractions and switching improper fractions to mixed number.   We worked on questions from the text page 168Q 1, 2, 3, 4 and page 169 Q 9.  These questions were not assigned for homework as we will continue to work on them tomorrow in class. 

-Reflex is a program to work on basic Math facts.  Students advance to more difficult questions when they are able to complete math facts correctly in a quick amount of time.  Students should be logging in three times a week. 

-Mathletics tasks are due Sunday night.