Posted: January 14, 2020

Math 8 

-Today we reviewed 4 methods for how to multiply fractions.  Students had time to work on Q 7, 8, and 10 which are for homework.  

-Mathletics due Sunday night. 

-Students should log into Reflex three times a week. 


Math 6/7 

-We did a group review today.  Grade 6 had time to do Reflex and Mathletics and grade 7 worked on the review from the text.  

-Formative test tomorrow and test that counts will be Friday for both grade 6 and grade 7. 

-Mathletics are due Sunday night.  Students should log into Reflex three times a week. 

Math 6 

-We did a group review and then students worked on Reflex and Mathletics. 

-Formative test is tomorrow and the one that counts is Friday. 

-Reflex is a program to work on basic Math facts.  Students advance to more difficult questions when they are able to complete math facts correctly in a quick amount of time.  Students should be logging in three times a week. 

-Mathletics tasks are due Sunday night. 

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