Posted: February 3, 2020


Math 8 

-Finish Q on page 161 for homework 

Math 6 and 7  

-The grade 6 got their formative test back.  Test will be tomorrow. 

-Grade 7 – We reviewed percent and ratios from grade 6 as this will be our next unit.  Some students did the test they missed Friday.  Summative test will be Wednesday. 

Math 6 

-Students got their formative test back.  We will go over it in class tomorrow.  Test Wednesday. 

Science 6 and 7 

-We went over a hypothesis today.  We also reviewed what should be in a procedure.  Time was given to work on both.  Hypothesis is now due.  Procedure is due Friday.  Students should be doing the project this week. 

Science 6 

-We went over the parts of the planning for an innovation project.  We went over what a hypothesis is and reviewed the passive voice.  We did a procedure writing activity and learnt that we need to put more details in our instructions.