Posted: February 6, 2020

Math 6 and 7  

-Grade 6 worked on their graphs.  They had time to finish Mathletics and Reflex. 

-Grade 7 Started their unit on calculating percent.  We learnt two methods.  See notes below. 

Math 6 

-Started a unit on graphing.  This will be helpful for STEM fair projects.  We learnt the difference between continuous and discrete data.  Q 1 and 2 from page 265 is for homework. 

Science 7 and 8 

-Both planning assignments are now due.  Students can pass in the paper copy of send me access to their word document in office 365 by hitting the “share” button and entering Angela McQuaid Murphy. 

-Next week we will work on graphing and data tables.  Students must have their data in order to make good use of class time.  All projects for grade 7 and 8 must be complete Feb 24th .  Parents are invited to view projects the afternoon of February 25th.