Posted: May 30, 2017

Science 6 and 8 will write their end of the year benchmarks wednesday and Thursday of this week.  This assessment is skill based.  Students do not need to memorize terms or knowledge concepts.  The test focusses on science literacy.  Students will be given new situations and will be asked to read data from a table or graph.  They will be asked to read a situation and draw a conclusion.  They will be given an example of a lab and asked to write a testable question, make a prediction and write a procedure.  Students have been practicing this in class.  While this is not a test you can study from, students may wish to review similar questions from past tests, and practice test that can be found in their duotang of marked work.

Math 7

Students will write a two part assesment next week (Tuesday and Wednesday).   One part they are allowed to use the calculator and the other part they are not allowed to use the calculator.  Non calculator section will have more estimating questions, working with decimals, ....   Students have done a review assignment that will be passed back Wednesday of this week.  This assignment covered all concepts taught this year.  The idea behind this assignment is that it would help students realize which concepts they know well and which concepts they need to go back and review.  Students are encouraged to use their unit tests and notes to help them review.  Students should tailor their review to the areas they had trouble with on the review assignment.


Math 8

Students will write their benchmark district test Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  We have done an official review of all 5 strands covered this year.  Students will do a practice test in order to get a better understanding of what type of questions will be on the calculato section and the non-calculator section.  Students are encouraged to review their unit tests.

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