Posted: June 8, 2017

Grade 8

-Today in Math students worked on their project "Les Dallages".  This project is due Wednesday. 

-In science the students did a science literacy activity.  This activity assesses their ability to read and draw conclusions.  It also checks for science comprehension.  Students need to have this activity completed for Monday.  It will be exchanged and corrected in class.

Grade 7

-Today we worked on coordinate geometry.  Through the game of battle ship the students practiced finding points on a cartesian plane.


Grade 6

-Yesterday, students were given notes in the form of a handout.  We discussed the role Canada has played in putting satelites into orbit.  Students were given some time to research and see pictures of work currently being done in this exciting domain of science.

-Today we watched a French documentary that highlighted the information gained from satelites.  Students were able to see infomation and pictures gathered by satelights.  Theories were discussed about our solar system.  We will be discussing this further in upcomming classes.