Posted: February 11, 2019


Video tutorial for Mathletics



A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have sent in sticky notes, made of bags of goodies and helped with the snacks in the staff room.   We feel very spoiled this week for teacher appreciation.   

Math 8

-We went over the formative test today. Answers posted below.   Test next class and multiplying and dividing fractions.

-Mathletics tasks due Sunday night

Math 7

-Students did their test today and then had time to work on Mathletics tasks that are due Sunday night.

Math 6

-We did a worksheet on reducing fractions today. 

-Time was given to work on Mathletics.  Mathletics assignments are due Sunday night.

Science 6, 7, 8,

-STEM project due Feb 20th.   Students should be working on the boards.  Please bring materials to class.  Notes on conclusions posted below.