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Bienvenue en 2e année!

Posted: September 17, 2018

Dans mon sac d'école

Posted: September 10, 2018

Starting the year off with a beautiful smile! :)

Posted: June 21, 2018

Thanks for the kite cakes and kites, Mrs. MacPherson. :)

Posted: June 15, 2018

Posted: June 12, 2018

Posted: June 12, 2018

In Math, we completed our units on Fractions. Students learned how to name, identify and represent equal parts. They can also name fractions of a whole. We are now working on Geometry. Students are learning about polygons and 3D objects: pyramids, prisms and others (cone, sphere,cylinder). Students will describe these objects by determining how many faces, edges and vertices they have.  We began our last Science unit on Plants and Soil.

Don’t forget that we will be going to Kouchibouguac on Thursday for our end of the year field trip! Parents are welcome to join us at the Kouchibouguac Park.  We will be there around 9:45!


Posted: June 11, 2018

Posted: May 29, 2018

Adrianne participated in a swimming competition last weekend in Bathurst.  She won 1st place in the 100 m backstroke. Bravo Adrianne! We 're very proud of you!


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