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Posted: September 27, 2023

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Posted: September 27, 2023

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Posted: September 27, 2023

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Posted: September 21, 2023

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Posted: January 28, 2022

Good morning parents! I’m sure you have heard the news about all students returning Monday!! I can’t wait to see everyone:). Today for at home learning we will be doing a ketchup and pickles day aka catch up on work you missed and if your all caught up you can pick two activities from any booklet you choose!
Have a great evening and don’t forget to return all booklets on Monday as we will be going through them ans correcting them together.

Posted: January 27, 2022

Good morning! Today students will do pages 6,8 and 9 in their "Les animaux" booklet. Page 9 requires them to ask someone in their family what animals they like and then write the answer of that family member. I would also like them to do the next reading comprehension "Joujou le Hibou". Students will read the passage and answer the questions in complete sentences, for example it says; Comment s'appelle l'ami de Joujou? The answer should be in a sentence like; L'ami de joujou s'appelle Tarou. This reading works on the sound "ou". I would like them to highlight all the "ou" sounds they see and underline the word that they find it in. The following video gives examples of the sound "u" and "ou' I would like students to listen to the video to help with their reading.

Posted: January 26, 2022

Good morning families! Today your child will begin their booklet “Les Animaux”. They can start by looking at the vocabulary on page 1 and completing the activities on page 2&4. Next I would like them to try the reading comprehension “Simon Le Cochon” in the booklet “Compréhension de lecture”. We have not done these before so I always tell students if they are struggling with the questions to try and find some words from the question on the text. They can also use to help them with difficult words. In this reading students are working the sound “on”. I would like them to use a highlighter and highlight the sound and underline the word using the sound. Here is a video that will help them with the sound Have a great day and don’t hesitate to contact me if your child needs any help.

Posted: January 24, 2022

Tuesday January 25th
Read 20 minutes
Today your child will finish his first work packet by completing pages 54,56,58,and 60. Page 60 is a bit different, they are being asked to see if they can find the mistakes. Some of them are a bit difficult so please tell you child to use the answer key provided to help them. Again today I would like that they spend some time on Jeunesse (
Have a great day and I am available if you have any questions or concerns. Please send your child's completed work packet with them to school when we return to in person learning.

Posted: January 24, 2022

Monday January 24th

Read 20 minutes

Today in their French booklet I would like them to continue working in their first booklet.  I would like them to work on pages 48, 50, 52, and 54.  The answer key is included for each page.  If you have technology at home I would also like your child to check out Jeunesse (, they have plenty of shows and other French experiences for kids.  Listening to some French is very beneficial :)

Posted: January 19, 2022


 Thursday January 20th

Today your child will work on their writing draft. I have attached the model below for them to follow. It is important they remember to use paragraphs and none of the words in that are in the model should be spelled wronged on their draft, and neither should the activities they have seen in their booklet. Tell them to use the attachment and their booklet to help them. I would like them to write in on a sheet of paper and attach it to their learning packet. We will correct them together once we are back face to face and do our good copy in our writing books at school. It is a really good idea that the students read their writing aloud as they tend to catch more mistakes that way. Happy writing !


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